The Winter Make Up Edit


So between Christmas and my birthday, I may have picked up one, two or quite a few new makeup items and I thought I’d put together an edit of some of my favourite things that I’ve picked up. Most of these are sure to become staples in my everyday makeup, or they already have. I have previously shared What’s In My Makeup Bag and also my Travel Makeup Bag, however, both of these posts are not quite old and I’ve changed the products I use quite a bit.

I’ve gone a little crazy with the number of products I’ve bought…to the point I no longer have room to fit any more eyeshadow palettes in my collection oops, so for a while I’m on a makeup no-spend (with the exception of the Maybelline foundation I’m going to talk about in a lighter shade). This does mean that I have a ton of new goodies to play around with though, and I’m super excited to see what kind of looks I can come up with. Especially as I have branched out from neutral eyeshadow palettes and brought some brighter and bolder shadows.

This makeup edit is a mixture of products I’ve fallen in love with, as well as ones that I’ve had good first impressions of and I am excited to use more in the future.


Now I’ve seen this foundation being raved about a lot recently and while I normally stay away from super matte foundations since I’ve always had dry skin. Recently, however, I’ve found that my skin is more on the combination side and I’ve been producing more oil than normal (although not as much as most of you oily ladies) and this has been causing breakouts, especially as most of my foundations are aimed at dry skin. I absolutely adore this foundation though, and while I brought the wrong shade (gotta love online matching) the formula and coverage is absolutely perfect. I’m currently waiting for Superdrug to bring it back in the shade I need, then I’ll be set for both when I have a tan and when I’m in my natural pale, ghost-like state.


If you haven’t seen the hype around this concealer then where have you been? It took way too long for me to be able to get my hands on the two lightest shades and since I have, I’ve also brought backup of shade C1. Being pale I often struggle to find a concealer light enough that I can highlight my undereye area with it…but this one is absolutely perfect. It’s pale, medium (but buildable) coverage and long lasting.


I’ve recently become such a massive Urban Decay Junkie and I just want to try everything from them. I was lucky enough to recieve this Naked Flushed palette as a present for my 21st Birthday. I did pick this out myself though and when I say all of the Naked Flushed palettes sat next to each other I was drawn to the blush and highlight in this one. The bronzer is a little dark for me, but when applied with quite a light hand it gives a pretty glow to the skin. Since this palette is slightly darker than the rest I own, it means I can use it when I am wearing fake tan. The highlight in this palette is midly disapointing if you like the glazed donut look, however if you just want something pretty and natural this would be perfect for you.


When they say eyebrows frame the face they really do. Being a red head I have really light eyebrows and it makes me slightly insecure, so even on a no makeup day I normally fill them in with a pencil. I no longer have to worry about that thanks to this beauty. I have the shade ‘light brown’ and it’s a pretty perfect match to my hair, and is just the right level of warm for my hair. I’m now more than happy to go outside with not a hint of makeup on my skin and still feel confident within myself. The only problem I have with this product is that it’s hard to create a gradient with your brows. Other than that it’s a great little product…especially if you’re a red head and normally struggle to find brow tints!



I know, I know, I’m extremely late to the party for this palette but hear me out. When this palette was first released I didn’t have the money to spend nearly £40 on it, and didn’t actually get my first UD palette until nearly 2 years ago. I’ve slowly been building up my collection…especially of their Naked range. Now I have the MUR dupes of the Naked 1 & 3 palettes, but for some reason I never picked up the Naked 2 dupe. So a couple of weeks before my birthday, my mum and I were in Debenhams and she told me to pick out a palette and while I love the Naked 1 there was no point getting it yet since I had the dupe. Now I loved the shades in the Naked 2 so it was no trick question in picking it up. I absolutely adore this palette, and it’s perfect for everyday use…or for creating a glam look. I haven’t had any issues with fall out, or lack of pigmentation and since I recieved this palette I’ve reached for it everytime I go to do my makeup.


While I’ve tried other items from L’oreal I hadn’t actually tried any of their color riche lipsticks. So when I was browsing Amazon the other week I came across a set of three lipsticks and couldn’t resist picking them up. This particularly shade stood out to me, it’s a very pretty nude and is almost an exact dupe as Velvet Teddy from MAC, except this has a glossy finished opposed to matte. The packaging of this product alone feels luxourious and high quality. I think this is going to a new favourite of mine.


After my UD All Nighter Setting Spray ran out a few months ago I gave the Algenist setting spray a go…however it didn’t stand up to the test which meant I either needed to repurchase the UD one or find a new one. I purchased this one from Maybelline on a whim at the same time as I brought the foundation and holy crap does it perform. I used to set my makeup in place on a night out and even after a bit of a cry my makeup still looked as flawless as it had at the start of the night. I think it might even perform slightly better than the UD one…but only slightly.

A new season is always a great excuse to pick up some new makeup goodies not that I need any excuse and these are some of my favourites so far that I’ve picked up. Although I did also pick up a hell of a lot more that I can’t wait to play with.

Have you tried any of these products, is so which are your favourite?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by my myself on my Olympus Pen E-PL7 in unnatural lighting. They were then edited on Photoshop CC 2015 and VSCO.
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