What’s The Future Of My Blog?

There’s absolutely no doubt that I’ve been an absolute crap blogger recently, I’ve only managed to put up a couple of posts the past few months. In honesty I don’t really have an excuse. I just haven’t been in the mood to sit down a write a post, and while it does make me feel disappointed in myself watching my views drop every month it does make me question the future of Aesthetic Obsessed. As well as my future of running a blog in general.

Now I absolutely adore blogging, when I actually do it. Since I started my job in social media and marketing I’m spending a majority of my day in front of my laptop so when it rolls round to 5:30pm I normally want to escape being sat in front of a screen. I’ll normally walk away for a couple of hours but when I come back to write a post I have no motivation or inspiration.

I know I don’t need to put to much pressure on myself since my blog is still just a hobby, but not since I’ve not been posting regular it does feel like there’s something missing from my life. One thing I have kept up with doing is posting to Instagram, but while I love being able to share my photography and image there, it’s not the same as putting a blog post live.

I was probably a bit naive in thinking that since I managed a full-time university course and my blog then I’ll easily be able to manage a full time job and blogging. How very wrong I was.

Now I’m not in the position to throw in the towel just yet, I honestly still love blogging with all my heart, I love getting excited to hit publish on a new post and reading all the comments left. I just feel like I don’t have time to keep up with the trends, or anything that is happening in the Blogosphere.Sometimes it can feel like I’m pouring quite a bit of money into Aesthetic Obsessed just for it to sit there looking pretty…I mean I’m not Zoella, I can’t go over a year without posting and still get brand collaboration.

Speaking of brand collaborations, there’s loads of brands I want reach out to and work with but trying to work to a deadline just doesn’t seem possible at the moment. Yes, I know I shouldn’t worry about working with brands, but honestly it helps get the ball rolling for creating content. If a brand sends me a couple of items of clothing it means I can do a focus post on the brand, or a specific trend. If a brand sends me a collection of their new launches, bam there’s another post which can almost write itself. Working with brands can take the pressure off constantly purchasing new things to blog about while the hype is around something nearly every blogger is guilty of. I haven’t been to a blog event in over a month, and even then I went as a plus one…it can be difficult now I’ve gone from living in London to living in Portsmouth.

“I’m not in the position to throw in the towel just yet”

Once upon a time I used to be able to hop on a 20 minute train into central London at any time, now I need to make sure my train aligns up with when I finish work. While also making sure I’ll have plenty of time at the event so it doesn’t feel like a waste of time. Bloody hell do I miss going to events though, getting all dolled up and seeing friends and meeting new people. I haven’t seen a majority of my blogging friends since the Revolution Pro Launch back in March…which is rather heart breaking.

Branding…there’s always something in the back of my mind that doesn’t think my content fits the name ‘Aesthetic Obsessed’ anymore and that I should just start using my name. The issue is I love the name Aesthetic Obsessed, it’s my own personal brand and it makes me feel like I still have my own personal identity, I’m not just Aesthetic Obsessed. I’ve had the same blog design since January, and I’m not going to lie I am getting bored of it…but I’m not sure how to mix it up. I think if I was to change the design then I’d want to do a complete re-brand and that’s not something I’m quite ready to do. First of all it would be ALOT of money to do so, but second of all I want to develop an easily recognisable brand so I don’t want to be changing it up every 10 minutes. Branding and blog design isn’t the same as an Instagram theme, it’s bloody expensive and will directly reflect your blog.

“I’m not letting analytics control me anymore, they don’t define my worth”

In the past I’ve checked my blog views on a weekly basis, thanks to the Google analytics app. Since I’ve been working in social media and marketing though I’ve realised it’s a lot more fulfilling to check analytics once a month since you’re able to see a bigger growth and development. That being said I am going to make more of an effort to schedule my tweets, since I did see a boost of activity when I did so. I might even post to my Facebook page once a week with little life updates, especially the weeks in which I don’t get the chance to publish a post. I’m trying to stop my stats define my blog, I’m 100% guilty of comparing myself to my favourite bloggers…despite the fact that I’m still very much on the start of my journey meanwhile they’ve completely established themselves. While it is a little heart breaking to watch my analytics drop, I can see myself developing and growing as person. I’m learning more about marketing everyday and finding new hints and tricks on social media…one day I’ll have the time and energy to apply these to my own platforms. I’m not letting analytics control me anymore, they don’t define my worth.

I think stepping away for a bit has allowed me to re-focus exactly what I want from my blog. Yes it’s my hobby but it’s also a career I’d liked to pursue at some point in the future. It’s a platform where I can write about whatever I want, share anything my heart desires and it literally is my little corner of the internet. So I’m not ready to step away from it. I am however going to stop feeling guilty about not posting multiple times a week like other people. I’m going to figure out the new Gutenberg editor, and I’m going to plan and write posts in advance when I get the chance.

Do you need to take some time away from your blog to re-focus?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by my mum on my Olympus Pen E-PL7 with 45mm lens in natural lighting. They were then edited on Lightroom CC.
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