What I Got For Christmas

I’m personally a massively nosy person and love to see what people receive for their birthdays and Christmas and since this is my first year on the blogosphere I thought I’d join in. I am extremely thankful for all the gifts I receive from my friends and family, and cannot believe just how lucky I am to have them in my life. This year may have had its challenges and I may have lost a very close member of my family (R.I.P Pampy, boxing day isn’t going to be the same without you) but I’ve also gained someone special in my life as well as grown a lot closer to many people. I have included the links to the presents I can, however, I have not included prices as I don’t care for how much things cost, it’s the thought that went into them that I appreciate!

The first present I received was a stunning jewellery box in which Josh built himself, and I’m absolutely in love with it and I can’t wait to put it in a spot pride of place back at uni. I’ve placed my most worn jewellery in the top section and I plan on filling the bottom with travel memories (postcards, photographs, tickets and currency)…it also still smells of fresh paint and polish!

Moving on to Christmas morning the underneath of our tree was full of presents for both Mum and me, I’m surprised I managed to not peek at any of them…or even try and guess what they were from the weight! It’s safe to say I was well and truly spoilt this year, my main present was a Crosley Cruiser Briefcase Turntable in turquoise, I have been wanting a turntable for a ridiculously long time and I have no idea why I didn’t ask for one beforehand. I absolutely adore it, I’m currently listening to Amy Winehouse while writing this post! and I cannot wait to purchase more records to play on it. Speaking of records I also received a good starter set of records which include 1989 by Taylor Swift, Nothing Has Changed by David Bowie, Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, Back to Black by Amy Winehouse and Hotel California by The Eagles.

This is the first year in ages that I’ve actually put books on my Christmas list…normally I just buy them myself but for some reason this year I’ve been reluctant to actually buy myself a book (probably because of all the reading I have to do for uni) so I was extremely excited when I unwrapped The Luxe Life by Fleur De Force and this is such a stunning book, not only is it aesthetically pleasing it’s full of some amazing sections. There is a baking section that I cannot wait to crack open and try the recipes! Next up was Girl Online: On Tour by Zoe Sugg, I swear every person and their dog have read this book but I just haven’t gotten around to purchasing it, but now I’m excited to read it (I tried listening to the audiobook but it just wasn’t the same as actually picking up a book and reading it myself) I am however banning myself from starting it until I finish the essay I’ve got due (something I should be writing instead of this post) I doubt it’ll take me long to read though!

I’m a lover of printed photos but never know what to do with them and during the summer I placed all my photos from my first year at uni into a scrapbook and filled it completely! There are some pretty amazing memories in there and in order for me to do the same thing this year I was given another one, however I’ve not been as snap happy while at uni this year so I have a feeling this one will last me for second and third year…unless I get extremely snap happy over the next few months! It is a little white scrapbook from Hobbycraft (no longer available online) which is completely plain and I could use it for just about anything that my heart desires; plus I got a multicoloured Olaf pen to go with it…although this is a good excuse to buy a new camera and a portable printer…or even just a polaroid camera.

If you follow my Instagram or Twitter then you will know that I am part of my university’s rowing team and therefore I experience extremely cold weather at 6:30 am when we have our morning sessions, therefore my mum was an absolute life saver and brought me grey long sleeved thermal in which I can wear underneath all my other layers…there’s nothing I hate more than being cold! To keep the smell of the Thames at bay I received a set of Impulse body sprays with a cosmetic bag (which I can keep baby wipes and other useful things in) these really are a blast from the past but also a fab present!

I received multiple bottles of alcohol, as well as chocolate…much of which has already been consumed before I was able to take photographs (oops) however I did get the cutest set of shot glasses which look like mini mason jars!Safe to say I will be keeping these for decoration oppose to risking them getting broken…after all pre-drink games can get intense. Along with the mini bottle of Jack Daniels, I got a little hip flask, these things are a lifesaver when you’re trying to limit the amount that you drink as once it’s empty then that’s it.

My final presents were a couple of beauty items (my family aren’t a fan of buying me makeup since I already own quite a bit) however the few items I did get were from the Tanya Burr Christmas range including It’s Cold Outside, It’s Kissmas and Beautifully Defined palette as well as the Zoella Hungry Hands cream…of which the last two products are still to be delivered. I also received a couple of gift cards in which I am yet to use, however, I’m sure I will post a haul of what I get when I do eventually use them, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I hope you had an amazing Christmas, and if you have done a What I got For Christmas post then please leave the link down below so I can give it a read!

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