Twenty Before Twenty

I’m Nearly Twenty!

 First of all I’d like to apologize for my lack of posts this past month, I’ve just been extremely stressed with university and I’ve also had some family issues that I’ve had to deal with, I also lost all motivation to blog this month and therefore rather than posting sub-par content I’d rather not post at all. I’d like to announce that I am back for the foreseeable future, however, my posts may only be fortnightly as I’m coming up to a period at university, where I have multiple essays and presentations all due at the same time…who even plans that?!

So in a matter of months I will be turning twenty and that is a terrifying concept, despite the fact that I moved to London last year and have managed to survive however the fact that I will no longer be a teenager is one that I’m not ready to accept. Therefore in my last couple of months of being a teenager there are a few things that I would like to achieve (so I don’t feel as though I’ve wasted my teen years) some of these goals might seem small to you, and a couple might be a bit over the top but hey I want to make the most of it!
1. Go out for pancakes for breakfast
2. Visit London Zoo
3. Travel to somewhere new and write a blog post on it
4. Create memories with my friends and family
5. Take more photographs
6. Spend less time on social media
7. Get the hair cut I’ve been wanting for ages
8. Stop wearing make up as much (my skin will thank me later)
9. Fight more for what I want
10.Drink every single one of the ‘top ten’ off the Be at One menu in one night
11. Enjoy the moment and not fear what may happen
12. Learn to make profiteroles
13. Read the pile of books next to my bed
14. Tick something off my bucket list
15. Get my first adult passport
16. Stop splurging on make up and use the stuff I already own first
17. Get into a routine with my life
18. Eat a proper breakfast everyday
19. Stop buying coffee for lectures, take my own instead
20. Have fun and be young!

It was harder than I thought to think up twenty things as there is so much I would like to achieve however I’ve tried to stay realistic…although some of these still look like they’re going to pose an issue but oh well I’m just going to try and plow through them and feel successful. Creating a list made things seem more achievable though…so if there are things you want to do in a period of time I suggest writing a list as seeing it written out (or typed in my case) makes you realize that some things are actually easier to achieve than first thought.

Love you lots like jelly tots x

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