Top 5 Drugstore Lipsticks

Lipsticks have always been one of my favourite makeup items so over the years I’ve gained quite a collection of both high end and drugstore lipsticks; since I’ve already shared my favourite high end I thought it was time to share my favourite drugstore. I don’t tend to reach towards drugstore lipsticks as much as I used to, however, these are some of my favourites and ones that I do reach for from time to time. Despite not reaching for them often I do find that most of my drugstore lipsticks are a lot more moisturising than some of my high-end ones. Considering I’m a lover of all things matte lipsticks, only one of these favourites is a matte finish!

 I Heart Makeup Lip Lava in Shockwave (£2.99)
Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in Provocateur (£7.99)
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya (£7.99)
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Sloane’s Plum (£6.49)
Tanya Burr Luxe Lip Gloss in Martha Moo (£5.99)

One of my favourite drugstore lipsticks is my Tanya Burr Luxe Lip Gloss in Martha Moo, I own all of Tanya’s soft luxe lip glosses but I have to say this is hands down one of my favourite all time pinkey nudes. I love how it looks on my skin tone, it smells just like candy plus for a matte liquid lipstick it doesn’t dry my lips out too much. The one issue I have with Martha Moo is it’s quite tacky once it dries, and I find it fades quite quickly from the inner part of my lips; however these are both things that don’t cause major issues! Another more wearable shade is my Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya, I think this was one of the first Revlon products I ever brought and I absolutely adore it in the spring time. It is highly moistening and gives a nice coral-orange sheen to the lips, it isn’t highly pigmented at all but the hint of colour it does leave is absolutely stunning.

Speaking of Revlon products I’ve also become a fan of their Lacquer Balms, particularly the colour Provocateur as it’s a nice twist on a red lip. Despite being called a balm it is highly pigmented but not to the same degree as Mac Russian Red or Nars Red Square. This lip stick has a lovely peppermint smell to it and makes my lips feel all tingley when I apply it; this is a blue toned red and I find that it makes my teeth look a lovely shade of white rather than bring out the yellow in them. The main issue I had with this lipstick is that is transfers extremely easily, even with a lip liner underneath but for the quality and the price tag this doesn’t put me off. A timeless autumn lipstick for me has to be Rimmel Moisture Renew in Sloane’s Plum, it is highly pigmented and the colour it does give to my lips makes it look as though I have just eaten a plum. I’ve had this lipstick for a couple of years now and always reach for it once winter comes, it’s kind of my version of the classic Kate Moss 107! Rimmel has done an amazing job with this lipstick, it leaves my lips feeling kissably soft and helps to give off the impression of a perfect pout.

Finally one of my more outgoing colours is my I Heart Makeup Lip Lava in Shockwave, I cannot believe this product is only £2.99! I am obsessed with its blue undertones which I always find suit my pale complexion a lot more; I would probably compare this with the Too Face Melted Lipsticks, although it’s not of the same quality or staying power. It is highly pigmented and smells beautiful, and if it’s worn over the top of Mac Men Love Mystery, then I find I’m all set for the day and only need to touch up if I eat or drink out of a bottle. In the beginning, I was sceptical about this product but I’ve grown to love it and can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the colours from the range.

Have you got any staple drugstore lipsticks I should try out? I’m always on the hunt for new colours.

Love you lots like jelly tots x

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