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I’m no stranger to Tinder and I’ve had more than my fair few dates some of which were more successful than others so I decided to share them with you all! The names of people have been changed for confidentiality reasons…but it was kinda hard since I seem to date people with common names. Only one person that I’ve been on a date with actually knows about this post (mostly because I’m still friends with them now) but I thought this would be an interesting read for you guys.

So I’m going to talk about seven dates which I’ve had over the past year and a half…and this is the full extent of my dating history. I’m too lazy to casually date someone, I prefer an actual relationship or just friendship, I just can’t deal with people playing games. I love the idea of first dates, the whole dressing up and putting effort into my appearance but I also get terrified at meeting strangers that I’ve never seen in person before. I’m the kind of person that would much rather go on a fun and exciting date rather than just going out for dinner, I love food as much as the next person, but I feel like a meal is too formal and I feel like I’m being judged on my every action. Living in London there are so many exciting things you can do for free (some of them you can read in my ‘Another fine day in London town’ post) and as a student I always try to save as much money as possible, but I always like to offer to pay on a date…after all I want your companionship, not your money.

The only rule I ever have for a first date is that I won’t sleep with someone, that’s one because I need to have a connection before I find someone sexually attractive, and two because I’m old fashioned like that. I don’t have any issues with people that have sex on the first date like, yes girl you do you, it’s just not how I roll. But if you are looking for something a bit more casual maybe check out No Strings Dating

So my first experience with Tinder actually led to me losing my virginity…it only happened after a couple of months of talking though and we never went on a formal date, nor were we dating. To be honest it only really happened because I wanted to see if I could have a ‘normal’ university experience aka go get drunk, sleep with someone and not care about it. The outcome of this situation wasn’t very pretty, but it’s in the past now and I think it helped to shape me into a better person. My first official date was full on awkward we’d initially met a couple of years prior (when I was in the middle of looking like an awkward teenager), and ended up matching on Tinder. We got chatting and decided to go and grab dinner together and what I thought would be a nice chilled and relax dinner was the most awkward date ever, we barely had anything in common…and he looked nothing like his Tinder picture in real life. Safe to say there wasn’t a second date and we haven’t spoken a word to each other since.

Let’s go onto my date with Bob, Bob was an absolute arsehole. He was overconfident and obnoxious, although he didn’t come across this way in messages. We went for a picnic and a couple of drinks in the pub and I either had one too many or he slipped something into my drink while I went to the bathroom, and I ended up crashing at his friends with him. I felt slightly uncomfortable so I ended up spending the night sleep on the sofa and slipped out as soon as it began to get light again. Since then I haven’t spoken to him, except every now and then he will slide into my DMs when I post a selfie on Instagram. Now onto a more positive date, and the first and only date I’ve ever had in the city by my hometown. I’d spoken to Jim for a month before we actually decided to go on a date and it was great fun, we went bowling, grabbed a coffee, before heading to his to order pizza and watch a film. Jim was a proper gentleman and fully respected the fact that I don’t sleep with anyone on the first date and the entire date was nice and chilled. We had a couple of more dates before he decided he just wanted to be friends…even though we’ve barely been in contact since this occurred.

The next date I went on is hands down the best date I’ve ever been on. Clifford and I were talking for two months before I finally agreed to go on a date with him (I was hesitant because he was quite a bit older than me, and I was also due to move back to uni soon), but I made the right decision to go on a date with him. We clicked instantly, and even though it was the first time we’d met in person we’d spoken so much that it I felt like I was just meeting up with someone I hadn’t seen in a while. Now this date was a full day, we began with a trip to the National History Musuem before we both got hungry and decided to head to China Town for Dimsum. I’d never had Dimsum before so I trusted him to order and holy crap the food was amazing, Clifford had a great taste in food…and fully respectful of the fact I don’t eat meat (but I do eat fish). We then headed to a whisky lounge called Waxy’s Little Sister, where we sat and chatted for at least an hour (all nerves had now disappeared…either due to the whisky or just how comfortable I was) before we headed to Be At One in Covent Garden to grab a couple of cocktails. We ended up squished into a little area where we were rather cosy, although it still wasn’t awkward at all and it meant that we could actually hear the conversation over the music. Clifford then had the idea of heading to The Shard, I felt like such a princess sat there with a view of Tower Bridge, while being in amazing company. Things didn’t work out quite the way I had hoped but Clifford is now one of my best friends and to be honest I’m just happy to have such a good person in my life.

You always hear stories about dates sneaking out while the guy goes to the toilet well I had to do this on my next date, we’d gone out for lunch and he was unbelievably clingy, to be honest, I should have spotted the warning signs earlier but call me nieve I thought I was being over dramatic. I was quick to block him on every social media as well as his number, and I’ve been lucky not to bump into him at uni. My most recent date consisted of going for cocktails (well mocktails for me) and he generally would not stop talking about his ex, despite the fact that they’d broken up three years ago. This sent many warning signals and I quickly called the date to an end, making up and excuse that I had a migraine coming on and need to go to bed. He’s tried to be in contact a couple of times since, only to be ignored on my end and I think he’s finally realised I’m not interested.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my failure of a dating life, but to be honest, at the moment I’m just too busy to worry about going on any dates or trying to find a relationship. I’m happy being single. What’s the best or worst date you’ve been on?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by myself on a Fujifilm Finepix S4240 in natural lighting and edited on VSCO with the exception of the one up The Shard which was taken by Clifford on our date.

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