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Beauty and the Beast

So if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you’d know that I attended the Latest In Beauty launch on the 2nd March for their Beauty and Beast boxes, and I was so excited for this event as it was my first ever invite only event (I’d previously attended #Blogosphere Christmas) and I couldn’t have wished for a better group of people to have spent it with. The girls at Latest In Beauty are some of the nicest and funniest people and I ended up spending part of the event with Christine and Harriet while I waited for my friends to rock up (fashionably late)…even though by this point I’d had two glasses of champagne but they quickly caught up. I also had a nice chat with Jemma, also from Latest In Beauty, after maybe one or two too many glasses of champagne.

The event itself was held in The Belgravia Room at The Lanesborough on Hyde Park Corner and they honestly couldn’t have picked a more fitting location, the whole place felt very similar to what I imagine the castle from Beauty and The Beast would look like after Adam’s transformation back into a prince. The actual room made me take my breath away when I first walked in and I couldn’t actually believe how I was there…I mean me a girl from a small town trying to make my way through uni while running a blog at the same time, it really made me realise just why I was determined to keep up blogging no matter what. Things like this don’t happen to girls like me without a tonne of effort and determination, not only did I get to hang out with some amazing people but I got to do it as part of my hobby!
I loved the fact that the event was an excuse to dress up…which of course meant hours of looking through multiple websites trying to find the perfect outfit and I ended up going for a simple grey off the shoulder dress from Boohoo, and nude heels with a rose gold detail, also from Boohoo. Although while I was at the event people thought I’d spent quite a bit on my outfit when in reality it was under £30! However, I was slightly jealous of those that smartly wore flat shoes instead of heels my feet were dying by the end of the evening and my shoes had, unfortunately, cut into my feet because I hadn’t broken them in before wearing them…oops. At least I learnt from my experience and have ordered flats for my next event safe to say despite how small I am I should stick to flats. Everyone looked amazing though and like they’d spent hours looking for an outfit (which let’s be honest they probably did) and it just paid off perfectly. Plus this event was the perfect excuse to wear false lashes (something I haven’t done since the last time I performed on stage in 2015!) so I was surprised that they lasted all evening and I even struggled to pull them off…although that also could have been the four glasses of champagne.
At the event, I was able to receive a hand massage from the L’Octaine and I well and truly took advantage of this and my hands are still unbelievably soft now and my cuticles feel cared for…for once, in their poor life, I neglect them more than I should. There were also manicures being offered however, there was a list and unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time for me to get my nails done, although I wasn’t too worried since I’d only painted my nails the night before anyway. Throughout the event, there were canapes being served including cones with cream cheese, salmon and caviar (one of my all-time favourite canapes) as well as macaroons, and I’d stupidly forgotten to eat dinner before coming to the event…I was too excited getting read…so I tried to eat as many as was socially acceptable, although I did make cheesy beans on toast once I got home. As well as canapes there was also champagne, now if you know me you’d know I’d recently given up drinking, but I couldn’t resist a glass or four of champagne and if anything it meant I was fast asleep by half ten!

I spent the majority of the evening with some of the best girls ever, Sarah (who you might recongised from my #BlogosphereChristmas post), Georgia, Beth, Izzy, and Mel, I had a right laugh with this lot from talking about pets to discussing opinions on the blogging community and how it makes us comfortable how young some bloggers are. We rounded up the night by having a mini photo shoot in the toilets…after all we are girls and girls pee together, but I cannot wait till the next event that I see these girls at and I hope I stay in contact with them all…especially as some people thought we were a girl gang! They all looked stunning and poor Mel kept getting persuaded to constantly get her champagne flute topped up every time it was empty…how she survived work the next day I’ll never know.

The event was to celebrate their limited edition boxes that are in collaboration with Disney, they have a Beauty Box for the females and a Beast Box for the gents, both of which are full of beauty product. One product I’m super excited to try is the Oribe Dry Shampoo, as this is a product I’ve wanted to try since I saw Tanya Burr talking about it while ago but the heavy price tag always put me off. The total price content of the Beauty box is £80…but the box itself only costs £20 plus p&p, plus it comes in a stunning box that resembles a book, and I’ve used the empty box to store my recipts in.

Are you as excited for the release of Beauty and the Beast as I am?

Love you lots like jelly tots x