Take Your Farleigh Jeans From Day To Night

Farleigh jeans are the new favourite

So why not wear them for every occasion?

Skinny jeans were my thing for many years (and were even featured in my first ever fashion post A Holiday In Outfits). While I did add a pair of ‘mom’ jeans into my wardrobe a few months ago that phase soon passed and I was back to the good old skinnies. That was until I saw the rise of the ASOS Farleigh Jean, I wasn’t convinced that they’d suit my chunky thighs and big bum until I saw Vix Meldrew post a picture wearing them and I was sold. While it took a couple of attempts to find the perfect size, now I have they’re the only jeans I’ve reached for recently.

To me blue jeans have always seemed more casual than black jeans, that is until you style them with the right blouse and heels. While jeans are still very much a casual option to me, I’m not exploring other ways to style them rather than just throwing on a plain top and shoes. I definitely feel as though my style is currently changing and I’m starting to dress a bit more for my age with the exception of Disney tops.

I’ve gone from looking for fast fashion pieces to items I can invest in that are going to last longer than one season and I can style a million and one ways. The Farleigh jeans are one of these items. Previously I’ve been worried about investing in a good pair of denim after living in Primark jeans for the past 5 or 6 years but honestly its the best thing I’ve done, and I’m already trying to decide which pair to get next.

For size reference, I wear my Farleigh jeans in a 30 waist (but I need a belt to keep them up, but the next size down doesn’t fit over my hips) and a 26 leg…cause yanno I like my ankles showing. These jeans don’t really have a lot of stretch to them I’ve found so I order the size that fits my hips best and then use a belt to pull the waist in and I find this means they’re pretty comfortable and have plenty of room for a food baby.



I’m obsessed with stripes are the moment…I have way too many striped tops and dresses. I used to always be anti-stripes because they make you look wider but tbh I don’t see much of a difference…I have big boobs anyway. Anything I wear is going to make them look wider anyway. My particular t-shirt is from Primark and has a patch of Sitch on the boob…becauase I’m trying to be stylish while being true to myself.

Now double denim isn’t something I’ve ever worn before simply because I didn’t think I was cool enough, however I’m obsessed with how these photos came out so you can bet that I’ll be rocking the double denim a lot more for the cooler days. I may even invest in a short denim jacket so I can wear it with dresses and skirts without it looking like I’m naked from the back!


I have been obsessed with blouses with flared sleeves since around Christmas time and my collection has grown pretty quickly. They’re great to wear for an evening or you can even rock them during the day if styled right. I tend to pick mine up in Primark quite often because I find they fit the best and I don’t get too stressed out if they get ruined after a couple of years (especially if you’re constantly dipping your sleeves into things).

Farleigh jeans paired with heels just make such a flattering silhoutte I feel, the heels make your bum appear more toned and perkier (something Farleigh’s don’t do on their own). Since they sit quite far above the ankle you’re still able to wear super cute straped shoes and be able to show the whole shoe off. I paired this outfit with a pair of nude sandals from Boohoo, but I can imagine these would be absolutely stunning with a pair of court heels or even a boot.


Comfort is always essential to me, so even when glammed up I want to be as comfortable as possible…while still looking like I made an effort. Farleigh’s are the perfect solution to this, I could happily wear them all day without feeling like I’m peeling them off to go to bed. They’re one item that transitions flawless from day to night if you just mix up the accessories. This is perfect if you’re running errands all day and then heading for cocktails in the evening…all you have to do is change your top and shoes and BAM ready to hit the cocktail bar.

Have you invested in a pair of Farleigh’s yet?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by Sarah on a Canon 70D with 35 Sigma Art Les in natural lighting. They were then edited in Lightroom.
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