Summer Penthouse Party

Party In A Penthouse

On the sunny morning of June 3rd, myself and Izzy Marie Hill (from A Dose Of Chatter) who also features in my Tale As Old As Time post, made our way to Farringdon to attend The Bloggers Hub Summer Penthouse Party in collaboration with Spectrum Collections. We headed out for a Wetherspoons breakfast (which I couldn’t eat due to being mildly hungover from my last student night of this academic year…and having only four hours sleep) however I soon began to perk up as we hunted out the venue in the glorious sunshine. We were some of the first to arrive…which makes a change for us, but this meant we had a moment to relax before the event was underway.

I originally hadn’t been invited to the event but Izzy asked me to be her plus one (what an absolute babe) and I couldn’t turn down the chance to one see her again…or two, spend the afternoon in a penthouse. I hadn’t intended on starting the day hungover, but sometimes you just get a little too carried away. In my eagerness to leave that morning I’d grabbed my camera but forgotten my memory card…the ultimate mistake to make, so I have to thank Izzy for sending these beautiful photos my way to edit up and post for you guys. Plus I played with her Olympus Pen for a bit to take some photos of her and let’s just say I fell head over heels in love…time to get saving.

I love events in which I can just chat and mingle with bloggers whose faces I might recognize or they could be completely new to me, it’s always nice to meet new people. After all, I met Izzy at an event and now I couldn’t imagine life without her. This particular event was very small and intimate, which made it very unique and different to the other couple of events I’ve attended recently which were the Pixie Lott X Kiss event which was a big party and the Threads & Co Launch. I was more than happy to chat away with new people, although I did stick by Izzy’s side just for that extra reassurance.

Since the sun was shining I decided I could get away with a very summery outfit, I wore a purple lace trim bell sleeved top from New Look, a denim button down skirt from Primark and a pair of gladiator sandals I bought from Sports Direct about 4 years ago! I felt completely comfortable in this outfit…although I’m pretty sure I accidentally flashed someone at the end of the event.

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As well as chatting to other bloggers there were a couple of treatments which were placed around the room, I started with getting my nails done as just that morning I’d removed my rather chipped red polish. I’d never had my nails done by a professional before and it was so nice to get them neatly filed and painted, safe to say they’re looking better than they have in a while. The women that did my nails was Laura Streeter, and she was absolutely lovely to chat away to, and she seemed to get very busy as the event went on so I’m happy I got mine done quickly! I went for a pearlescent navy blue with a glitter accent nail and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed with the glitter accent nail. I did accidentally smudge a couple of nails while taking a couple of outfit photos for Izzy so I ended up hunting out a similar colour polish to repaint them once I got home.

After Izzy had some glitter and gems applied to her face, I decided to get my hair braided (I would have gotten glitter as well but I was going out for dinner in the evening) by The Mermaid Cave. Originally my hair way going to be done in an upside down braid…but I have way too much hair for that, so I ended up with this beautiful style that you can see pictured and I well and truly felt like the cross between a mermaid and a princess. I’m basically Airel…I even have the red hair. I adore getting my hair done, as I always end up getting annoyed by how much hair I have and often give up when trying new styles and instead just go back to something I know works.

For the rest of the event, Izzy and I looked enviously at the Spectrum Brushes, sampled some of the tasty food and punches that were available as well as chatted to and swapped Instagrams with many of the bloggers there. It was a lovely event to go to overall, and I really hope to get invited back to another event.

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by Izzy on an Olympus Pen e-pl7 in natural lighting. They were edited on VSCO and Facetune.

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