Shake Up Your Dull Friday With Funkin Cocktails

“A hangover lasts a day, but drunken memories last a lifetime”

If you’ve been reading my blog a while you’ll know I partnered up with Funkin Cocktails in April to help create my Rowatia- Tour 2017 post. Well, I was recently contacted by a PR for Funkin Cocktails to ask if I wanted to work with them again and I jumped at the chance since their products are one I absolutely adored. Now I’m a student, therefore I play a large part in drinking culture and I’m not afraid to let my hair down on a Friday night. I do also have Friday evenings where I’ll cosy up and just watch a film with a nice glass of wine (well okay as nice as £4 can buy…which isn’t that nice). Therefore when I heard about a competition that Funkin Cocktails was running in partnership with Alex Mytton…aka one of the beauties out of Made In Chelsea, as well as Bevy Butlers.

If you’ve ever been to zone 1 or 2 in London then you’ll know there’s no shortage of cocktail bars, but these are often extremely busy on a Friday evening and you’ll often be left waiting a long time in hope of getting served…only to end up paying over £10 for just one cocktail. So why not stay in the comfort of your own home (given that you live in zone 1 or 2…if not treat yourself to a plush hotel for the night) and be in with a chance of shaking up your Friday night with a simple competition.

While I plan on staying in this Friday, I know for a fact I’ll be sipping on a *Passionfruit Martini while binge watching Made In Chelsea…I’ve got most of season 13 to catch up with (oops) while typing up some exciting blog posts to come in the next couple of months. Like I said I love a night out as much as the next student, but when I’m not in London I don’t fancy paying £30+ for a taxi just to get to the nearest nightclub when I can always invite my friends round and have a cocktail making night. After all, that means I can stay in my comfortable clothes, messy bun on the top of my head and not worry about some creep trying to grind upon me, or how I’m going to get home after spending a bit too much money. Plus if it’s raining you don’t have to worry about your hair and makeup getting ruined after spending hours getting ready.

It honestly couldn’t be easier to enter, simply take a photo of your dull Friday night and post it to Instagram, tagging @funkincocktails, @bevybutlers and using the hashtag #makeitshake between 12 pm (the time in which it becomes socially acceptable to drink) and 10 pm. This Friday (30th June) is actually your last chance to be one of ten individually chosen winners, hand picked by Alex Mytton himself. Your prize? A Funkin Cocktail Party Pack, which includes a mixture of the cocktail shakers (including Skinny Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri and my favourite Passionfruit Martini) as well as a bag of ice and the required bottle of spirit. If you’re lucky enough to be a winner then your party pack will be delivered to your door within one hour thanks to Bevy Butler’s speedy delivery. I mean who doesn’t want to have cocktails delivered to them after a long week at work?

To find out more about the competition then check out the Funkin Cocktails website.

Obviously all entrants must be aged over 18 (due to the nature of alcohol being involved) however if you do have a member of your party that is underage or doesn’t drink; the cocktail shakers taste just as good without any alcohol added. If you fancy shaking up your Friday night even more then why not make cocktail slushies simply by blending up the ice with the shaker and spirit…perfectly refreshing on a hot summer’s evening.

Are you more of a cosy night in kinda person or like to live it large in the clubs, dancing until the early hours of the morning?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post (contain the product)were taken by me on my Fujifilm Finepix S4240 in natural lighting. They were then edited in VSCO and Facetune. All other photos were taken by my university photography on nights out.

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