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You’re My September Song

Since I’m going to be heading back to university this month I decided I should set myself some goals in which will give me something else to do that will distract from all the stress of going into the second year…after all this year actually counts towards my degree! (Ah!) I must say September is one of my favourite months of the year, it’s where change is so obvious and I feel I have a chance to make the changes I wish to in my life as well as try out new things that I might not have been willing to try before.

01. Knuckle down with uni work

Last year I put in the minimal effort where my work was considered and even though it still got me decent grades this year I am aiming for high 2:1s and firsts since I know I am actually able to achieve these if I actually put the effort in. Knuckling down will also involve actually attending more classes than I miss; I was guilty of missing classes to get more sleep or just because I didn’t have the energy to go.

02. Spend time meeting new people

I’ve got a good group of close friends I would, however, like to expand my friendship group further and create new friends this September. It is the perfect opportunity as there will be new students starting at my university, as well as the fact that I will be back in London. As well as broadening my friendship group I would also like to get back into dating…not that I was ever really in the dating game anyway! I do have a date set up for the end of September, and I’d like to see how this one goes before throwing myself headfirst into the world of dating…speaking of which would you like a blog post of date ideas?

03. Get more organised

It may seem like I have my life together, but trust me, I really don’t! I’m always forgetting things, losing track of deadlines and forgetting when my doctor’s appointments are…probably not the best thing to being doing. In an attempt to get more organised I’ve purchased a 17-month planner from and so far I absolutely adore it; the fact that it has dividers for each month, a calendar, notes pages and weekly views just means I have no reason to not be organised. Personally, I plan on using this for university, blogging and my personal life rather than having separate diaries.

04. Start acting more like an adult

I’m close to being twenty and it’s about time I started to act like it, I’d like to be a lot more serious about the things I do; such as actually working more than the odd shift so that I can start saving up for the things I want rather than just paying out for them and dealing with the consequences later. I’d also like to be able to go out for a drink with friends without ending up completely smashed like the world’s supply of alcohol is going to disappear any day soon.

05. Spend quality time by myself

As much as I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, I want to spend more quality time by myself in which I can use to read books or take myself out shopping…whatever my heart desires. I feel this is something I need to do in order to develop more as a person, I currently love who I am but I still like I have further to develop before I am who I was born to be.

06. Excel at blogging

I’m into my fifth month of blogging (how has it gone that quickly!?) and it’s safe to say I am still as much in love with it as when I first started out. I like to think that my blog has come along in leaps and bounds, it’s obvious that I’m a lot more active within the blogging community and I recently received my first PR opportunity. My blog stats are a lot higher than I ever could have imagined for so early into my journey; I just hope to continue going in the positive direction that I am and cannot wait for what awaits around every corner.

07. Develop a skin care routine

I’m the worse person when it comes to skin care, I’m constantly changing the products I use or I just skin care altogether; sometimes I’m so bad that I will only use a makeup wipe to remove my makeup. This month I’d like to get a skincare routine and stick to it, I’m getting older and it’s already starting to show in my face; I’m discovering lines where I never had them before, along with the fact that my skin has more imperfections than it used to. If I do manage to develop a skin care routine would you like me to do a post on it? They seem to be popular within the blogging community, I know whenever I read one it really makes me want to improve my skincare!


Also this month

-Tell people I love them more openly
-Learn at least 3 new songs on guitar
-Save at least £50
-Try to cook proper meals more often…stop ordering Dominos
-Post at least once a week on my blog
Let me know what your goals are for September, are any of them the same as mine?

Love you lots like jelly tots x

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