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We are slowly speeding towards Halloween…hell yeah! that means we have reached the end of September, which has been a completely crazy month for me with going back to uni and rather than being a first year I am officially a second year…and also a flat rep which means I have a group of freshers to look after, well make sure they all get home after night out anyway! This has meant I have been outrageously busy therefore I’m sorry for the lack/quality of the blog posts last month, hopefully, they’ll increase once again as I’ve missed blogging. Anyway, you aren’t here to listen to me apologize you’re here to find out what I loved in September.

With being busy I haven’t had time to constantly keep my nails painted and have therefore been loving false nails. I already have long nails so I don’t use them for length I literally only wear them to keep my nails looking nice. My favourites have been these ones by Kiss Salon (£7.99) and these ones also by Kiss (£8.12) I like to switch between nails you glue on and press on nails just as I know nail glue can damage your natural nail. The next item I’ve been loving is something I recently reviewed which was the Naturology Vitamin C-Clarifying Facial Cleanser (£16.00) this product has been a life saving as I’ve been stressing about uni work and ended up with lots of spots but with using this they’ve quickly disappeared and left my skin soft and flawless. Plus the weather is getting colder which means my skin is drying out quickly and this product just helps to replenish some of the moisture I actually lose during the day.
Two of the makeup products I have been loving recently is both new purchases while one has been an item I rediscovered while cleaning through my makeup collection. The first is the Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturiser ($20.00) I found this in a TK Maxx by me, and I’m not sure where you could purchase this online in the UK…I need to find out because I use this daily. I find this is just the right coverage I need when used alongside a concealer as I don’t like caking my skin in makeup, particularly in autumn as I have freckles and I feel they seem to look nicer with an autumnal colour palette. The next new product I’ve been loving is the Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette (£35.00) which is actually the first Too Faced product I’ve ever owned, and I want a lot more as the pigmentation is amazing plus I feel all these shades are actually suitable for autumn and you can quite easily create daytime and nighttime looks. Finally, I rediscovered my Benefit Badgal Lash Mini Mascara (£5.00) while I was sorting through my makeup and I absolutely love it once again, I find it adds both volume and length to my lashes. I need to go out and buy a full-size version before I run out and cry.

Being back at uni has meant I’ve had a lot of deadlines and classes to keep track of, as well as things in my social life and to do with blogging and therefore my 17 Month Large Agenda (£25.82) has been vital for me to keep track of everything. I love this agenda as it has a calendar view and weekly spreads as well as a notes section for each month which means I have no excuse for not writing things in! The last item on this list of favourites are a pair of oxfords which I recently picked up from Primark in the sale for £2, how is that even possible? They’re a dark navy almost black colour and they are extremely comfortable, plus oxfords are always a good choice for autumnal looks, they are both cute and keep your feet dry during the rain showers.
What items have you been loving throughout September and do you have any recommendations that I should give a try during October?

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Love you lots like jelly tots x

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