Rowatia – Tour 2017


So if you hadn’t realised I spent a week of being absent from social media during April, this is because I’ve been living it up in Croatia…or as we called it Rowatia (since we are rowers and we were in Croatia). We were out there for what was technically a ‘sports tour’ but since it was impossible to get our boats out instead we just got a nice cheap holiday. Even if it did mean being stuck on a coach for 26 hours with the drivers from hell. We went with a company called ILOVETOUR, and I was extremely anxious since it was my first holiday abroad without my family, and the first time going abroad in 11 years. I shouldn’t have worried though everything was sorted, and going through passport control at the Eurotunnel wasn’t as terrifying as I thought it would be. Now one thing I want to make clear is there was a lot of excessive drinking on this holiday, after all, we are are all students, and of legal drinking age. I’m not going to get into details what occurred on these drunken nights (those stories are to stay between the team) but let’s just say it’s not going to be forgotten anytime soon. It wasn’t just all drunken nights out though we had multiple team building challenges throughout the day, often taking place on the beach and around the pool, as well as having a family meal at lunch. If you’ve ever been on tour then you know what it’s like to be a tour fresher…if you haven’t well don’t worry about it…let’s just say the sea won’t look so inviting after you’ve dunked yourself in multiple times.

Before coaching off I was contacted by Funkin Cocktails to see if I’d like to review their line of ‘just add alcohol’ cocktails, they’re available from Tesco at the friendly price of £4 each (I also did a more recent post with Funkin Shake Up Your Dull Friday With Funkin Cocktails. I quickly jumped at the opportunity as I couldn’t think of anything to compliment out the picturesque location of Laguna Istra in Porec anymore than a cocktail. My favourite flavour out of the three was certainly *Skinny Mojito…it went down a bit too easily, quickly followed by *Passionfruit Martini (very similar to a Pornstar Martini if you are familiar with cocktails). My least favourite was *Strawberry Daiquiri, and that’s only for the fact that the strawberry tasted slightly artificial, though it still wasn’t terrible. The cocktails are great to take on the go because they come in a mixer and all you have to do is add the alcohol which is stated on the packet. Being students we added more than the suggested amount but this didn’t ruin the flavour of them whatsoever.

I became a hell of a lot closer to my team on this trip, and I hope it pays off as we head into regatta season. Although we are waving goodbye to a handful of people we’ll have new members of the team to welcome next year. I may have loved these guys before but now I couldn’t imagine my life without them and they’re beautiful hungover faces. One thing I won’t miss is the dentist chair (if you know, you know) but it was worth it just to spend a week with this lovely lot.

Before we departed for Croatia and an amazing week. (We all look so bloody awkward)

On the last night, having the best time even though checkout was at 7 am the next morning.

I don’t feel like many words were needed for this post, it was more a collection of photographs which I can look back upon in years to come and remember what an amazing experience I had. If you ever get a chance to go on tour, do it.

Love you lots like jelly tots x

Photography & Disclaimer

All photos within this post were taken by members of the RURC, on a basic iPhone camera. Any product marked with an asterix (*) was kindly gifted to me.

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