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Question Time With Alicia

I headed over to twitter yesterday to see what kind of post I should do, as it’s too early to post my June favourites and I wasn’t sure what else to post and the response I received was to do a Q&A so here it is. All the questions answered I received on twitter so if there is anything else you would like to know go follow me and look out for my next post for a Q&A. If you there’s a question you have that I answered then this Get To Know Me Tag post might just answer some of those questions.

Question 1: What made me start a blog?
I’d previously tried my hand at blogging but couldn’t find the time to post regularly and I didn’t personally find my blog posts engaging for me let alone anyone else so I deleted this post. I once again tried blogging and this time, I enjoyed it more and after having a chat to Gabby about blogging and youtube I decided that it is something I actually enjoy (and I shouldn’t worry what others think). My blog is mine and nobody can really dictate how often I post or the content that I post. Plus I love having a place in which I can express myself, share stories and influence, other people.
Question 2: What’s my current favourite app?
I’d have to say it’s either Best Fiends (damn all those YouTubers doing ads for the game) I’m highly addicted to it and I’m currently on level 34 I think or Twitter, although Twitter is nearly always a favourite of mine and it’s a good way of communicating with me and finding out what I’m up to.
Question 3: What’s my favourite makeup item at the moment?
Probably my NYX Tame and Frame Brow Pomade, it’s literally the only item I use on a daily basis now since I often can’t be bothered with a full face of makeup unless I’m going out with friends or somewhere that I need to look nice. I literally apply this product with my Real Techniques angled liner brush (it’s small and compact enough to apply the product well) and then brush them through with a spoolie and I’m good to go.
Question 4: What are your top three new places you’d like to travel to/see?
1. New York City, it’s been a dream of mine to travel to NYC since I was a child and I’m still yet to go, I imagine it’s very similar to London and since I love being in London so much I’m bound to love NYC. I’m just so entranced by the buildings and how busy the streets always are, it just seems like such a magical place to be, especially with Central Park, I mean how many cities have a park in the middle of them. I’d love to walk around the Upper East Side imagining I’m on Gossip Girl and that all this drama is happening around me. It just seems so amazing to me.
2. Japan, a few years ago I fell in love with Japan and it’s culture, particularly the history of Geisha girls. I even dressed up as a Geisha for a fancy dress party when I was seven. I would love to visit just as the cherry blossom was coming into the season, it just seems like a country full of beauty that has remained very similar for many generations. Of course, I would love to visit Shibuya 109, because I’m such a tourist at heart, even though I don’t like to admit it.
3. Russia, despite being someone that loves the sun I want to take a trip to Russia, particularly so I can watch the Bolshoi Ballet perform. After all, they are a world renown company within the dance world, and nobody does ballet technique better than the Russians. Plus let’s not forget all of the fantastic architecture that can be found in Russia, and despite I can’t speak or understand a single word of Russia it’s somewhere I would love to visit.
Question 5: What are your life goals?
My life goals, now that’s a hard question to answer. I’m not completely sure on what they are I know for a fact that I want to be performing in West End or Broadway one day, and that I want to settle down with someone special. However, anything more than that and I’m not really sure, I’d love to travel the world and experience new things but I’m not sure on what exactly. I’m more someone that just takes what I’m given in life and arrange it suit me, obviously, I’d love it is this blog was to become successful and I could bring my dance career into it more but I’m kind of not one for planning too far into the future.
Question 6: What are your short-term goals?
My short time goals, now that’s an easier question to answer! I want to stay happy and positive, and keep making friends with new people rather than pushing people away. In my short time blogging, I’ve met a couple of amazing people, one of them is Owen (a fellow blogger) that I feel I can always talk to without annoying him…even if I do forget to reply to him sometimes…sorry babe. So I just wish to stay on the same path that I currently am right now.
Question 7: Can you drive? What kind of car do you have/want?

Sadly I cannot, although I’m hoping to start learning next summer! Studying in London means I don’t need to be able to drive and it would have been pointless paying out a lot of money for lessons and my tests only not to use it for long periods of time. However, I know exactly what car I want…or should I say cars (I’m a car fanatic okay, don’t judge) first of I want a Mini Cooper D 3-Door Hatch in navy and a Volkswagen Camper Van with a split screen in mint green. I’d also love to get a Porsche 911 but I doubt I’d drive it as much because it’d draw a lot of attention to myself, after all, how often do you see a female driving a sports car around the streets of London…not very is the answer.

Question 8: Hair. What colours have you dyed it? What’s your favourite way to style it?
I’ve dyed my hair many different colours, including a mixture of natural and unnatural colours. To begin with, I dyed my hair black (extreme I know) when I was thirteen, I then dyed it back to a caramel brown. After this, I decided I wanted dark hair again so I dyed it a dark brown, but it turned out darker than I hoped, the next stage was blonde dip dye which was quickly followed by purple ombre. I have also had dark red hair, lets not forget my blue hair, before dying my hair a gingery blonde and I’ve been growing that out since, but in the meantime I have dyed my hair pink (one of my all-time favourite colours I’ve had) and that has faded and left me with light auburn roots(my natural colour) and ashy blonde ends.

Question 9: What’s the last lie you told?
Erm, I’m not entirely sure, to be honest, I’m not a big fan of lies as they tend to hurt people more than you think, even if you’re lying to protect them it’ll always come back to bite you in the bum. Plus nobody wants to be lied to because they’re less likely to actually trust you in the future and that’s not something I want to be a victim of because it’s hard to earn someone’s trust back after you break it.

Question 10: What are your first thoughts when you wake up in the morning?
Normally something along the lines of “do I need to get up yet or can I stay laying in bed on my phone or go back to sleep?” or “I really need to pee.”

Question 11: If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Probably wraps because I could change what was in it, and they can be extremely healthy because you can include protein (in my case Quorn) and vegetables to keep a healthy diet. Also, wraps are my go-to food anyway, since they don’t take a lot of effort and are very filling and satisfying.

Question 12: What are some of your good and bad habits?

  • Tidying my room daily
  • Eating five fruit/vegetables every day
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Cheering someone up when they’re sad
  • Forgetting to reply to texts/messages
  • Binge watching Netflix shows instead of being productive
  • Staying in PJs if I’m not going out
  • Picking at dry skin

Question 13: Are you religious? Do you celebrate holidays?
I am actually religious, I’m Buddhist. I do however still celebrate Christmas as the rest of my family is Christian, except I celebrate it more for being surrounded by my family than receiving presents as I believe in the eightfold path and doing my best in the world to not only make my life better but those around me. I don’t celebrate any other holidays and I never really did, even before I converted from Christianity to Buddhism.

Question 14: Do you usually celebrate your birthday? What’s been your best birthday so far?
I go through stages where there are times when I want to celebrate my birthday and other times that I don’t, it all depends on how I am feeling and how good the previous year has been. My best birthday was my most recent which was my nineteenth, I celebrated it at uni and it’s the first one where I have actually just been able to have fun while being surrounded by my best friends. It was a week of celebrations which started with going to The Women In Black with my mum, followed by many nights out and also going out for dinner and ordering pizza. I’ve never felt more loved on my birthday than I did this year.

Question 15: Are you a fan of pick up lines? Which are your favourite?
I’m a huge fan of cheesy pickup lines, not that I’ve ever used one…I’m certainly not smooth enough to do that. my favourites include;

  • Did you invent the aeroplane? Cause you seem Wright for me
  • You look cold want to use me as a blanket?
  • If I was a cat I’d spend all nine lives with you
  • Did you read Dr. Seuss as a kid? Because of green eggs and…damn!
I hope you enjoyed this rather long Q&A and don’t forget I’ll have another post coming Wednesday so remember to follow me to get notified when it goes live!
Love you lots like jelly tots x
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