Prepped And Primed For The Party Season

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

The party season is very much upon us and while I haven’t attended many Christmas parties, the ones that I have…let’s just say I’ve not been prepared for. Last minute outfit shopping, dry shaving legs and applying makeup on the train yes my life has been a busy one recently but I don’t want you guys to go through these struggles…especially as we get closer to the big day. Plus there’s still New Year’s Eve only a few days later, an event I’ve always loved and can remember celebrations back until 2000.

Now I’m a girl that loves to dress up and feel all pretty and while I normally do so from the comfort of a playsuit or posh trousers, this year I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect velvet dress and everytime I find one I like…it ends up letting me down in some way or another. While I always love to purchase new clothing for events and parties, I do also have a selection of items I can always rely upon to look nice…most pretty tops that can be worn with black jeans or black trousers…cause jeans and a nice top is always a good choice.

Flawless Skin

Taking care of my skins is something I’ve only recently started to take seriously…but I’ve also had a slightly hiccup with my skin and it’s currently the best it’s been in a few months I thank the addition of a Magnitone Cleaning Brush to my skincare for that.
I know for a fact I always feel a lot more confident if I’m not worrying or stressing out my foundation moving or shifting and revealing a massive spot…but thats just me. Therefore I have quite a few lotions and potions at least The Ordinary products look like something out of a science class but if you prefer a more simple skin routine then I’d just say to make sure you cleanse and moisturise…after all nobody likes dry, cracked and painful skin.

Speaking of, if you know me then I never go without tights on unless it’s unbelivably hot. For the simple reason that I have terrible eczema on my legs and it makes me very self concious and while it doesn’t flare up too much in the summer…due to lack to stress…it just so happens that the party season coincides with the deadline season. This is why a body scrub or body polish is extremely important. Just scrubbing away dry and scaling skin can make such a difference…even before apply a lotion or some E45 (absolute life saver).

Despite this I always keep my body hair under control…I’m someone that loves being dolphin smooth because it feels amazing against tights or fluffy pj bottoms so it’s a win win. While this would have been a issue a few months ago, since starting to use FFS products (read more FFS and get a discount code here) it’s no longer a chore and is instead something I look forward to…as well as being quick and easy.

Perfect Party Looks

I love scrolling through sites like ASOS, New Look and LOTD for hours on end but I sometimes get overwhelmed by all the options that available out there and instead I retreat away and instead of trying a new style I stay within my comfort zone and most likely me an outfit repeater. But the great thing about the party season is that most people are stepping out of their comfort zone…wearing a top that plunges lower than normal or heels that are covered in glitter…or even just wearing gold jewelery instead of silver. The party season is a time to have fun with your style and experiment, plus with a majority of brands and websites holding sales that seem to increase daily you can actually afford to do so and you never know what beautiful items you may discover.

Flawless Makeup

When it comes to my makeup during the party season…give me all the glitter. Well okay not all the time but I do love to rock a bold red lip on a daily basis, because why the hell not. I swing between super glam makeup for parties or just something natural but with a bit of something extra…I especially love a sharp wing and dark red lip very old Hollywood style.

One thing I don’t think I’ll ever turn away from is glowy skin though…while I went through a stage of loving a matte finish I realised how much it was killing my skin (it’s typically dry) and instead I now just powder under my eyes and my t-zone…but I absolutely adore the glazed donut look. If my highlight isn’t a poppin’, I’m not a rockin’ and I think the only place I don’t regularly place highlighter is my brow bone and that’s only because I don’t have one that looks particularly nice there.

While I don’t typically fake tan too often in the colder months…I mean I’m bundled up in multiple layers most of the time so theres no point when the party seasons rolls around. I do however like a natural warm glow to my face, so I always apply a light dusting on bronzer…and it has to be light because I’m pale and don’t particularly like the muddy look. Plus I rocked it too much in 2008…combined with dream matte mouse foundation But instead of experiementing with base makeup I also do the same thing and then play around with my eye makeup or what lipstick I’m wearing…because why not have a little fun from time to time.

While I love the party season, I also cannot wait for January to come (well after the 13th…cause that’s my birthday) so I no longer have to worry about looked primed and ready to go at any moment…and I can spend my evenings in comfortable pjs eating geletine free cola bottles let’s praise M&S for those beauties

Is there anything specific you’re doing as preperation for the party season?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by myself on my Olympus Pen E-PL7 in unnatural lighting. They were then edited on Photoshop CC 2015 and VSCO.
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