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If I’m ever stuck for inspiration on my blog I know I personally find myself browsing through some of my favourite blogs (is it really for inspiration or just procrastination? We shall never know) but I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite online people that you personally need to follow! These aren’t all of my favourite people to follow, instead are a small handful, if I was to name everyone this post would be outrageously long! Many of these people have multiple social media platforms that I love.

I’m sure some of these people will change as I grow and my taste for what I like watching all reading grows and develops, but right I’m always checking out these people for their latest content. After all…what else are you meant to do on the internet other than scroll through social media, read blog post and binge watch Youtube videos and then end up on the weird side of youtube? Or obviously playing the sims…but you don’t need the internet for that! I personally find myself lost for things to do if my favourite blogger or vlogger hasn’t uploaded in a while, and that often results in a lot of online shopping…oops. Let’s all pray for my bank balance.











If you know of anyone that I should be following then you can let me know in the comments below, I’m always on the hunt for new people! Or if you want a more up dated version of this check out Blogs To Read This Summer
Love you lots like jelly tots x
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