Is Online Dating Replacing Traditional Dating

Online dating sucks…but it’s how I fell in love.
– John P. Gavin

I’ve always favoured online dating over traditional dating and I’m no stranger to going on a Tinder date or two…but just because I met someone online doesn’t make my relationship with them any less real. I mean we’re both still two human adults looking for love (well a majority of the time), online dating is just a lot more convinent than trying to meet someone in person.

I’ve dated people I’ve met in person, and people who I’ve met online and in all honesty while meeting someone online can be scary I’ve always found they’re more eager to get to know you. I’m currently dating someone I met on Tinder and it took basically no time at all for me to feel comfortable around them in person because I got comfortable around them online. As someone that spills a lot (probably way too much) about their personal life online, I tend to come alive online…whereas in person I can appear awkward and dismissive to start with.

Whenever I get approached by someone on a night out I will nearly always automatically dismiss them, due to the fact that I believe they only want to sleep with me and don’t actually want to get to know me as a person. I’ve had people approach me when I’ve been out shopping but I’ve found incredibly awkward and like everyone is staring at me, waiting to see how I react. Online though, nobody has to know about your interactions or see how often you’re talking you are free to do as you please…including ghosting or ignoring someone if they get a bit too intense.

Now I’ve had people get way too intense online because they’ve gone through and read my blog and starts relaying every little piece of information I’ve ever said about myself back to me…but while not revealing anything about themselves (red flags much).

There’s no romance

Well this is a load of bullshit, the relationship I’m currently in (yes I’ve recently gotten into a relationship despite only posting why I was single at the start of July) is full of romance. Neither of us are down to just ‘netflix and chill’ or ‘amazon prime and sexy time’ we love going out for dinner, and just spending time together. We’ve recently spent nearly 2 weeks apart, due to him going away followed by me going away and we’ve both been super excited to be reunited with one another. (Spoiler it happened it) You don’t have to be in a super romantic relationship if you don’t want to, and just because you met someone online doesn’t mean they’re going to be any less or more romantic it all depends on the individual person.

How do you trust someone?

The same way you trust someone you met in person, just because you’re more certain about the way a person looks if you meet them in person doesn’t mean you should be any more trusting of them. I’ve luckily only had a few occasions where guys have looked different in person to what they did online, but none of those horror stories you hear about 60-year-old guys turning up. I trust Sam just as much as people I’ve met in real life, after all, you don’t know if someone is going to betray you until you get it to know them. You just have to be careful when meeting up with a person for a date, but as long as someone is aware of where you are and you have a code you can use if you feel uncomfortable.

What do you tell your parents?

My Mum knows exactly how I met my ex and how I met Sam, it’s the 21st century the internet is used for just about everything nowadays…I know I’d be lost without it. Sometimes online dating can be an extremely useful thing if you don’t have time to go out meet people, for example when I’m at uni I’m normally pretty busy all week and on the rare occasion I go out without any intentions then I’m often with friends or family. Some parents might not be accepting of meeting someone online so you can always say they’re a friend of a distant friend if you are really concerned as to what they might say.

It can’t be real love

The only person that can dictate if it’s real love or not is you, it doesn’t matter how you met a person, how quickly into dating or a relationship you slept together or how long you’ve known each other. Everyone is different when it comes to love, I can’t put into words when I know I’m in love but I know when I am it’s just kind of a gut feeling. You could have been teenage sweethearts with someone, been together for years and it still might not be real love or you could have met someone online, been together a matter of months and it can be real love. Just remember that only you know if the love you are giving and receiving is real and pure without any hidden agendas…even people you originally met in person can have hidden agendas.

Disney movies had it wrong

I’ve always loved Disney movies and I grew up with them, they had me thinking that my Prince Charming or Knight in Shining Armor would come and sweep me off my feet and we’d be together forever when in reality I’ve had a lot of twats in tinfoil. It doesn’t matter how fancy the first date is, someone, can still be an arsehole…I’m personally more of a fan of casual dates (my first one with Sam was at a cocktail bar and we ended up going through the whole of the happy hour menu…oops) I find more casual dates allow you to relax more and actually talk openly and get to know a person fully. It’s also less of a slap in the face than if someone had spent a lot of money on a fancy date you end up never texting them again.

How did you meet your most recent partner, and are you more a fan of meeting someone in person or online dating?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by my mum on my Fujifilm Finepix S4240 in natural lighting. They were edited on VSCO. The location used is South Parade Pier.

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