One Palette To Rule Them All

If Gollum was palette obsessed

This would be his precious

I don’t know about you but now that the sun has made an appearance I’m wanting to spend less time getting ready and more time actually in the sunshine (although right now I’m sat in my room at uni writing this post because I’m going out in a few hours). Let’s not also forget that soon people will be jetting off on sunny holidays (I’m off to Crete in 48 days) and I know I always over pack…so if I can simplify my makeup routine then that’s at least one attempt to keep to the 25kg luggage allowance.

A couple of weeks ago I was shopping in Next and spotted their makeup range and I’m all for clothing brands bringing out collections. Some of my favourite products are from New Look and Primark, so of course I wanted to pick up a couple items to give a try…even more tempting was that they were 3 for 2. Within the 3 items, I picked up was this stunning ‘all in one’ palette which gave me strong Charlotte Tilbury vibes. I’ve never tried Charlotte Tilbury don’t shoot me but this palette seriously drew me in.

Now I did rave about this palette when I first got it…I just couldn’t help it but after 3 weeks of using it every time I do my makeup I thought it was about time to share it. Now if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you might know I use a range of drugstore and high-end products although a lot of my base and eyeshadow favourites are high end…although I have many favourites that are from the drugstore.

Although anything that simplifies my makeup routine or brings something new to my collection I’m always down to try…especially if it has stunning rose gold packaging. There are two versions of this palette, ‘the natural’ (the one I have) and ‘the glamour’ (one which is a lot more dramatic).

Also, 10 points to you if you got the Lord of the Rings reference in the title. I just couldn’t resist.


This palette has the most stunning rose gold packaging, that not only looks stunning in your collection but also makes the palette feel more expensive than it’s £12 price tag. One issue with the rose gold is that it collects finger prints like there’s no tomorrow, but they wipe of really easily with a microfibre cloth or just the corner of your t-shirt. It is very light weight and slim enough to just slip into your makeup bag and it seems pretty durable (It survived the train journey from Portsmouth to London). I’m sure it’ll start to show some sign of usage at some point, I’ve noticed that mirror effects packaging tends to scratch after heavy usage and much love, but nothing extreme.

On the inside of the palette, there is a nicely sized mirror which is easy enough to apply a full face of makeup (I’ve used it a couple of times for this reason). Something I wasn’t exactly expecting for the price point, so that’s a nice bonus.


Now I’m very pale, I mean I have red hair so I have two colours either ghost or lobster. The bronzer in this palette is THE PERFECT contour shade for my skin though. It’s cool toned and not a scary colour at all…plus it blends into the skin really nicely. When it comes to the blushes I always combine the two but there is one that is more of a pink rose shade and then a darker slightly more plumy look one. They’re not the most pigmented of blushers, but I honestly prefer that less chance of looking like a clown. Now I’m not sure how I feel about the highlight, it’s a lot darker than I would normally buy but still seems to work on my skin…it’s just not very in your face so it’s perfect for a more natural a glowy look. I often use it in conjunction with the Pixi highlight in London Lusture.

With this palette, you get 3 eyeshadows (none of them has actual names) two of which are matte and one shimmer. The lightest shade is the perfect all over base colour, then you have the matte brown which is perfect to work through the crease and then finally a shimmer rose gold shade. I was actually shocked at how pigmented all of these were without needing to use a damp brush, although I do typically use a damp brush for my lid shade just to make it pop even more. Every single product in this palette is extremely soft and buttery, they’re a dream to work with.



As with my previous palette reviews (including Adding Some HEAT To My Makeup Collection) I’ve decided to include some pros and cons of the products so let’s start with the positives.

Everything blends nicely together meaning it is great for beginners or experts. The Powders are highly pigmented (other than the blushes) which isn’t something to be expected for the price point. The square shape and thinness of the palette make it compact enough for travel especially since it contains a mirror as well. Offer a perfectly natural look without several products or having to figure out which shades might look good together. Now I don’t know about you but I struggle to find contour shades that work on my skin and therefore it is good for pale skin. Finally, the entire Next makeup range is cruelty-free.


Now let’s go onto some of the negatives.

The fact that this works so well on my pale skin leads me to believe that it wouldn’t work on darker skin, which is a shame although ‘the glamour’ palette seems to be slightly darker when it comes to the base products. While the packaging is absolutely stunning, I’m sure you can already see it’s started to get scratched just from being taken in and out of my makeup bag. If you’re like me and have quite a range of eyeshadow palettes and individual shades then this is palette contains quite basic eyeshadow shades that doesn’t really allow for doesn’t allow experimentation.

Over all there are more positives than negatives, it’s a product that I’m going to be taking into summer with me and if I ever hit pan on any of the shades I shall be re-purchasing.

Using this palette has really made me want to give the Charlotte Tilbury one a go, but at £49 I’m slightly put off although I’m sure it’s amazing. Until I tried this Next palette I was actually convinced these ‘all in one’ palettes where going to be unpigmented, crappy quality and look terrible on the skin but I’m happily surprised that my opinion has been changed. If there’s one new thing you should add to your makeup collection, it should be this palette.

Are you tempted to pick this palette up any time soon?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by my myself on my Olympus Pen E-PL7 in natural lighting. They were then edited on Photoshop CC 2015 and VSCO.
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