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And here we have a rare favourites post

It’s not something I post often

Now it’s been a while since I did a favourites post, they’re not normally something I enjoy writing or find interesting to read…however this month I’ve been loving them for whatever reason. I blame this extreme heatwave. From the ones I’ve personally read I’ve picked up some new goodies, so I thought it would only be far to share what I’ve been loving the past month.

There’s a mixture of skin, beauty, lifestyle and fashion items so hopefully everyone is kept happy. Especially as my recent posts have been a bit all over the place…I kind of need to take a step back and re-determine the direct I want my blog to go in. But at least I can proudly say I haven’t forced any posts this month, which is why this is only the third one going up…oops?

iS Clinical Copper Firming Mist

Nobody can deny how bloody hot July has been to the point it’s been uncomfortable. Currently as I’m writing this it’s pouring it down with rain and I’m all snuggled up in my dressing gown with the third cup of tea of the day. While I love the sun being out, it’s the heat I can’t actually stand…which is where this little spray comes in. It’s the perfect mist to refresh your face during the day, and an ideal primer to use before applying your makeup. When combined with the Urban Decay All Nighter I find my makeup doesn’t budge at all. Even at my graduation on Monday, it was 32 degrees in central London and despite sweating like there was no tomorrow my makeup didn’t budge and by 9pm (14 hours after applying my makeup) I still looked like I’d just applied my makeup. The iS Clinical Copper Firming Mist has become an essential in my handbag.

Gucci Bloom Aqua

I picked this beauty up last month at Duty Free in Gatwick and it’s pretty much been my go-to scent since. It’s just so pleasant and it doesn’t seem to ever be over-powering no matter how spritz happy you get with it. I’m not great at describing scents, but it’s very clean while still having a hint of floral to it, when I first smelt it I instant thought of green tea.

Harvey James Classic Silver Cadet

Now I was kindly gifted this watch from Harvey James but it’s honestly so stunning. I’d previously been wearing a watch from Cluse which has a black strap and gold hardware, but as a girl that wear a lot of silver I opted for the silver hardware and grey strap. Honestly this is the perfect addition to my watch collection and I find it absolutely insane that just 7 months ago I never even wore a watch and now I wear one pretty much every day.


The past couple of months I’ve gotten back into reading again and I pretty much always have my nose in a book now when I’m not working. I’ve re-discovered my love of paperbacks but I’ve also been enjoying reading on my iPad, especially while travelling as it means I can carry a ton of books without being weighed down which is perfect since my suitcase is always heavy enough as it is. A good way to keep up with what I’m reading is by following me on Good Reads, it’s also a great place to find book recommendations.

Soph x Revolution Lipstick in ‘Cake’

Now I’m absolute need lipstick junkie, I have what someone would consider too many lipsticks but constantly buy more. So when I saw the new Soph x Revolution range included nude lipsticks I had to get my hands on them although I’m still missing one shade. Cake has been my go-to shade at the moment and even more so when I discovered it was a close dupe to Charlotte Tilbury ‘Pillow Talk’ but with a £20 price difference. Which is always a bonus I think, since it means I can buy 6 of ‘Cake’ for the same price as 1 ‘Pillow Talk’.

Maybelline 24 hour Superstay Foundation

I have been obsessed with this foundation for months now…literally since the start of 2018 and only recently actually picked up the correct shade! I know, I know but luckily it was just a chase of the wrong undertone rather than being 10x too dark so it just meant more work. Now however I can just pop it on and be good, which makes me so happy. I actually adore this foundation for when I want to wear full coverage, matte skin that I know is going to stay put all day. Even though it is a matte finish I don’t find it clings to my dry skin too much which is absolutely perfect, and nothing a good primer cough iS Clinical Copper Firming Mist can’t sort out.

Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Palette in Coral Glow

I was sent this handy little palette back last year from Influenster and honestly I keep rotating it in and out of my everyday makeup. It’s just super handy to have on hand for a quick and easy makeup look that doesn’t require a lot of effort…and since I’ve gotten really lazy in regards to doing my makeup, this is perfect. If you want to read more about this little palette definitely check out my Creating The Perfect Base With Rimmel post.


Wunderbrow Gel in Brunette

A couple of weeks ago I attending an Amazon event with Izzy and while we were there we both had our eyebrows filled in with peculiar product. I absolutely adored the results and was absolutely over the moon when I spotted it in my goody bag…and in the right shade! Honestly it gives you the most natural looking brows you can imagine, although it can be a struggle to get the hang of using it. While it does claim to last 3 days, I think this is only the case if you don’t use oil based products to remove your makeup. I have gotten it to last over night before when I’ve just have my eyebrows and mascara on and my brows still looks pretty decent the next day.

The Body Shop Japanese Matcha Tea Face Mask

I’d been wanting to try The Body Shop face masks for a while so when I managed to snag one in a beauty box I was over the moon. Honestly I love this mask for when my skin feels just generally gross, or if I’ve taken a trip to London since it just completely cleans out my pores and leaves my skin looking clear and radiant. Plus I’ve been using it once to twice a week for the past 2 months and I’ve probably used like 1/3 of the pot so it’s great value for money! This is probably my favourite face mask to use regularly.

Macbook Air

Now in Duty Free I did something quite naughty, I brought myself a MacBook Air. I’d been after one for like 7 or 8 years, something crazy like that. I’d been saving up for one for the past few months and I just couldn’t resist anymore, my laptop at the time was dying, I’d recently finished uni and I’d landed a job…the perfect excuse to treat myself. Honestly I’ve been in love with it since, I don’t know how I used to work on PC before and I don’t think I could go back. It’s been one of the best things I’ve brought in a while.

So that’s a summary of some of my favourites during July. It’s been a hectic month and blogging once again ended up on the back burner but I’m hoping to make more of an effort in August and make sure I get at least one or two posts up every week. Although I don’t want to lose the quality of my posts and just start posting willy nilly.

I’ve also picked up some new products that I’m excited to try out in August and if there’s enough new favourites…I might just do an August favourites post although it’s unlikely.

What have you been loving in July?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by my myself on my Olympus Pen E-PL7 using the 45mm lens in natural lighting. They were then edited on Lightroom CC.
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