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I’m late, I’m late, I’m late for an important date. No time to say hello, goodbye. I’m late, I’m late, I’m late. -The White Rabbit

I spent a lot of April away from the internet and social media, I was drowning in essays as soon as I returned from Croatia. This means that I currently have a lot of posts to catch up on my favourite blogs, I missed a lot of the insta-bot drama over on Twitter and I’m going to be late jumping on the bandwagon for ‘Thirteen reasons why’. This post is a list created by myself of things that I want to catch up on during the month of May (in between my attempt at posting every day for an entire month…are you excited for that?)

These are only a small handful of things I need to spend May catching up with, but since I’ve finished university for the year I have zero excuses for not being completely caught up by June. This is a very similar post to my ‘People You Need To Be Following‘ I created nearly a year ago, and I have expanded the number of blogs I read and discovered some new favourites. Although I love nothing but a binge read of blogs to catch up on their latest content.


I love all three of these blogs and I’m constantly checking them for new posts, some of my favourites include:


I’ve been obsessed with watching the SacconeJoly’s recently, I was so excited for Alessia to be born and now she has I just can’t believe just how adorable she is and I cannot wait to watch her grow right in front of the camera. I recently went back through and watched a tonne of their old videos where Emilia is a toddler and Eduardo is still a baby and I can’t believe how grown up they both are now. They’ve both grown as people, and you can really start to see their personalities shine through in the vlogs now. In a stark contrast I’ve also been loving ThatherJoeGames, especially his Outlast 2 series he’s recently started up, I find it hilarious watching how he reacts to jump scares and I sometimes find myself yelling at the screen. These are also videos I can pop on while I’m doing something else as they don’t require a high amount of concentration into them.


I’ve spent the past month watching people rave about multiple shows on Netflix and I’ve not been able to join in with the hype, but rest assured I will be spending May binge watching both of these shows. The first one of which is Riverdale, although the hype for this has very much disappeared I remember seeing it mentioned all over my Twitter timeline and I so desperately wanted to watch it but knew I needed to get my essays completed before I could even think about starting a TV show, especially one that may just distract me from my work.
Next was the hype of Thirteen Reasons Why now I’ve read the book for this and it had me in absolute tears so I was very cautious about starting the show when I needed to be completely committed to my essays opposed to crying my eyes out at every episode. While there has been a bit of stigma around this show and how it glorifies suicide I’m still curious to watch it.

Is there anything online that you desperately need to spend May catching up on, if so, what?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos* within this post were taken by my me on a Fujifilm Finepix S4240. They were taken in natural lighting and edited in VSCO.
*with the exception of the thirteen reasons why logo

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