May Favourites

So we are speeding towards the end of May, which means I’ve had a whole month to fall in love with some beauty items and some non-beauty items. This month has literally been amazing for me, I finished my first year of uni, saw Tinie Temper perform live(!) and I also got the chance to hang out with one of my biggest inspirations Gabriella Lindley (Velvetgh0st). I just hope the rest of this year continues to propose such amazing opportunities as this month has. Although it makes me sad that I’m going to be leaving London to go home for three months, I will certainly be back on regular occasions because my love for this city is endless. I’ve tried to link as many products as possible but I couldn’t find some of them. Some more of my makeup favourites for May are the products you find in What’s In My Makeup Bag


I’m going to start with non-beauty favourites as there aren’t many so this shouldn’t take too long. First, of as the warmer weather is coming I’m spending more time just sat out in the sun and what better way to pass the time (and avoid spending too much on social media) than to read a book. I’m currently reading ‘All the Bright Places‘ by Jennifer Niven (£3.85) and I am enjoying it so much, I have to control myself so that I don’t read it too quickly as I wish to enjoy the story line to the full extent. I purchased this book on a whim as I needed to get my Amazon order to reach £20 to get next day delivery and it’s one of the best things I’ve done. I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys John Green books or Nicholas Spark.

Long hair and heat don’t mix well, so I’ve also been loving scrunches, really loving the whole 90s vibe that’s currently trending, and this grey one from Brandy Melville(£3), that I picked up in the Oxford Circus Topshop, is my favourite. It’s so soft and large enough that it allows me to pull all my hair into a pony without getting a headache, plus its cotton jersey so I can wash it once it starts to get a bit dirty. As someone that wears prescription glasses I’ve always suffered in the summer when the sun is out as I refuse to pay out for prescription sunglasses, however, my eyesight has improved slowly and I am able to go out without glasses on (as long as I’m going somewhere I know or I’m being accompanied by someone cause reading bus numbers and tube maps isn’t happening). I decided to pick up these sunglasses from Primark (£2) because I thought they were absolutely adorable and reminded me of Ray-Bans without the expensive price tag.

Finally I’ve gotten into bullet journaling, I first stumbled across it on Pinterest and fell in love with idea of it and therefore decided to give it a go myself, I use a Leutturm1917 (£12.99) in the A5 size with dotted paper, and I just find myself being a lot more organised and artist. I started this on May 9th and I’m still trying to discover what suits my planning style, but I’m having great fun while doing it and I can literally spend hours working on it.

Now onto beauty items, there are a lot of these, some of which are cult classics and some that I’d never heard of before until I purchased them or I’ve been given them by my mum. I’m going to start off with makeup products and I only have two of these, a Makeup Revolution blush palette in the shade ‘Sugar and Spice'(£6). I love all the colours in this and I purchased it about a year ago but it’s been hidden in the bottom of my blush drawer and it was only when I cleared out my makeup collection that I re-discovered it. It is literally perfect for spring/summer with bright pinks and corals but also has a couple of colours that can also be used for subtle contour.

My other makeup favourite is this lip lava my I heart makeup in the shade ‘Shockwave’ (£2.99) it’s a liquid lipstick, very similar to the Too Faced Melted lipsticks. I love this colour it’s a blue toned purple and I love to wear it on its own or on top of my Mac ‘Men love Mystery’. It has a glossy finish but it isn’t sticky and it wears quite well, I tend to find that the middle of my lips wears quicker than the edges but it can be easily touched up throughout the day. I’ll move onto the Soap and Glory items next, these include the well-known Flake Away body scrub(£8), I picked up a travel version of this a couple of months ago to try it and just fell in love and had to get the full sized. I only use this once a week as I have sensitive skin and if I use scrubs too often my skin becomes very unhappy, however once a week is enough to use this. It’s a perfect find just as summer is coming and I’m not going to be wearing tights or jeans as much.

My next favourite from Soap and Glory is the Orangeasm body spray (£4) I stumbled across this in the reduced section of my Boots(I picked mine up for 75p!) and instantly fell in love with the scent, it’s extremely sweet and fruity, which is the kind of scents I enjoy for the daytime in the summer, I have nearly finished mine though so I’ll have to re-purchase this soon, but I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a new scent.

As somebody that loves the comforter bubble bar by Lush I was over the moon to discover the shower cream (£4.95-£27.95 depending on product size), this is just an all time favourite for me (after snow fairy) I just love the fruity blackcurrant smell, and I love to wash my body with it and after I wash my hair I use a small amount and it makes my hair smell amazing.

Another current favourite scent of mine is a Ted Baker eau de toilette in ‘Polly’ (£15), I received this as one of my stocking fillers at Christmas and to begin with I wasn’t too crazy about the scent but now I love it for night time, particularly for formal events (I’ve had a couple of uni-formal events this month) it’s slightly musky but nothing too heavy, I just wish they did it in a larger sized bottle rather than just handbag size.

On to face products, I have recently switched up my skincare products slightly, and I find my skin is so much better and I am now comfortable to go out without any foundation or concealer on at all. One the things I’ve done is started to use products specifically for dry to normal skin including the Olay 2in1 cleanser and toner (£2.89), I just use this to remove my makeup on a cotton pad and I don’t find it rough on my skins or my eyes. I have also started to use the Clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion+ (£18-£30 depending on product size) and this is for very dry to dry combination skin, after applying this my skin feels so soft and non-greasy.

Finally I’ve started to wonder into the world of dry shampoo, as someone that already has a lot of volume in my hair and I used to find my hair didn’t get greasy quickly however recently that hasn’t been the case so on a trip to Superdrug I picked up the Colab extreme volume dry shampoo (£4.50) in the scent ‘New York’. I use this on mornings where my hair looks a bit limp and dead or it’s starting to get slightly greasy.
My next blog post is going to be the TMI tag so look forward to that!

Love you lots like jelly tots x


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