Love Yourself – Artemis & Xena Box Review

So I was recently contacted by Artemis & Xena in regards to reviewing one of the boxes they had created, and when I received it the other day I was completely blown away by the contents within. The ‘theme’ for this box was ‘love yourself’* and with the products enclosed everything was pulled together successfully.

Now as someone that suffers from several mental health issues I completely support the idea of loving yourself and spending time on yourself opposed to trying to please others. I often find that trying to please other people often puts my anxiety into overdrive and everything just becomes a disaster and I end up hiding away in my bed for a couple of days.

I will admit that I did shed a little tear when I looked at the content within the box as the words that have been used on certain products just hit home on how much I’d be lacking in self-care recently and I kind of forgot about myself since I’ve been so focused on blogging and completely my uni work that I hadn’t really taken any time for myself. Even the other day when I took a trip into central London I did it in order to take some photographs for my blog and not as a day to treat myself (not that I would ever normally go into central London on the weekend anyway).

A large portion of the products within this box is handmade, something that makes it different from other subscription boxes that are available and this makes it a little more special. I’m a massive lover of handmade items as they’re created with love opposed to mass produced in a factory. A monthly subscription to Artemis & Xena costs £15 or you can pay £36 for a 3-month subscription, which I highly believe is worth the price simply for the number of products you get that you can see a lot of time and effort has gone into putting together a box.

Artemis & Xena A Box To Rival Them All

Within this box, there are minimal of twenty items (excluding any extra gifts they pop in) and one of the first things I was drawn to was the four heart-shaped soy wax melts which were created by DollysCandles on Etsy and holy crap they smell amazing. They’re in the scent ‘Love Spell’ and I really suck at describing scents but I’d say it was quite a sweet scent. I’m gutted that I’m not allowed to burn candles in my room so I can melt this…unless anyone knows how I can melt them without an open flame? I’ll be sure to take these home with me over Easter, along with the aromatherapy glitter bath bombs (created by dreamybath on Etsy), as I, unfortunately, don’t have a bath at uni, however this smell just as incredible. They’re rose scented and even though I don’t normally like rose scents this smell enchanting and very welcoming. These items combined with the Pukka Love tea would make the perfect bath scenario all you’d have to do is either watch a couple of episodes of your favourite TV show or stick on that chick flick that you just adore…my guilty pleasure is The Devil Wears Prada.

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that could pull off a denim jacket with multiple patches on and within this box I received a cupcake patch so what better time than the present to get started with this project. There is also a little bag full of heart-related craft items (such as sequins and gems) which I could also sew to the jacket. Getting crafty and creative is also a great way to promote mindfulness and it is something you are doing for yourself rather than to benefit someone else. The little colouring pages that are also included in this box are another way in which to relax and unwind, I’m personally a massive fan of colouring and have multiple different ‘adult’ colouring books some of which are more filled with colour than others.  Two other pieces of crafts included, one of which is a ‘make your own bracelet’ kit and the tissue paper in which everything is wrapped in. 

So if you know me then you’ll know that I nearly always have my nails painted (just something I’ve been doing for the past couple of years) and included in this box are two sets of nail stickers which are absolutely fabulous for someone like me, especially as I’m getting busier and having less time to spend time doing my nails. They’re both pretty floral designs which are perfect for spring…can we take a moment to appreciate how nice the weather has actually been lately…I find during Spring my lips go crazy and become dehydrated as the weather is getting warmer, Artemis & Xena has this covered by including a Collection Mardi Grass lip balm in Green Apple. Just a heads up it smells like green apple Jolly Ranchers. One of my favourite things in this box is the little white envelope which is filled with 31 positive self-love affirmations and it is literally the cutest thing going, I’m really going to try to read one of these every morning to get my day off to a positive start.

One of my favourite things in this box is the little white envelope which is filled with 31 positive self-love affirmations and it is literally the cutest thing going, I’m really going to try to read one of these every morning to get my day off to a positive start. Another thing I love is the mindfulness yoga card, which included two yoga poses and instructions on how to do them, I used to do yoga regularly when I was younger but now I don’t really have time to fit it in. With this little card though I feel as though it’s a little reminder to take a small portion of my day to do some yoga. Not only will it help with my mental health but it will also help with my flexibility and therefore benefit me in multiple ways. There are two butterfly stickers which have found their home on the wall by my desk and they just bring some extra joy to my room, I’ve also placed the ‘be happy, be you’ postcard above my desk alongside the other quote cards I have pinned up.

So I’ve always been a lover of handmade jewellery, and this box contained three items of handmade jewellery including a necklace, a pair of earrings (which I’m planning on wearing to my next blog event) and a braided bracelet which will look great once I’ve gained a bit of tan (it’s yellow and I’m rather pale therefore I’m in dire need of a tan if I want to wear it). The necklace has a little bottle styled pendant with a green gem within it and I feel like it would fit very well with the bird necklace which I always wear and literally never take off. The earrings are little drop hearts on 925 silver hooks (which is great because this means they won’t turn my ears green while I’m wearing them). Like I mentioned earlier the bracelet is a yellow braided style bracelet and it is covered with loads of little charms including a horseshoe (something that often represents luck). So we are getting closer to summer and I don’t know about anyone else but I’m really hoping that flash tattoos become a trend again, although I thinking about getting my first tattoo done this summer, I’ll always be a lover of flash tattoos and there are several sets included in this box. My personal favourite is a metallic elephant and I cannot wait till I have an excuse to apply it and show it off.  So since this box is about ‘love yourself’ there is a cute little heart shaped beauty-blender I don’t see myself using this sponge to apply my makeup though has it’s a bit too dense and hard for my liking however it does look adorable sat next to the acrylic drawers that I keep my make up in. (If you want a makeup collection/storage post then you’ll have to let me know).  Finally, there was a little organza bag which contained a small packet of love heart sweets and piece of chocolate in the shape of a heart and they were the perfect finishing touch to a great box.

Overall I love the concept of this box (it’s so much better than Birchbox in my opinion) and it is so unique in a world full of beauty boxes. Artemis & Xena have slain the box game. It’s full of things that can help improve yourself and little ways to change your life in little ways. I highly recommend you try and get your hands on this box while it’s still available as it’s a delightful little treat to get delivered to your doorstep. I personally teared up a little when I was going through this box as it made me feel so special, it’s almost like a care package, except you can get it delivered every month opposed to whenever your family decide to send you one! Have you ever received this box and what did you think? What are some of the ways in which you dedicated ‘me’ time?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


*I was very kindly sent this box by Artemis & Xena however, all opinions and thoughts are completely my own. All photos in this post were taken by myself on a Fujifilm Finepix S4240.

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