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In order to determine this week’s post I headed over to twitter and posted a poll and the result was a sex/ love Q&A it seems you guys are as excited as I am, for these ‘taboo’ posts! However it seemed like a few of you were shy in coming forward with questions that you actually had, so while some of these were submitted by viewers there are also a few which I have gathered from other places within the internet.

Why do you think people still think sex is a taboo topic?

I personally believe that sex is still seen as a taboo topic due to the fact that despite how easily accessible sex is people are still cautious in discussing it with people outside of their closest friends. I’ve always been open with talking about taboo topics like sex, periods and all the fun stuff but that’s just how I am as a person, I have friends however that still getting giggly when you mention a penis or will change the conversation abruptly just to avoid talking about it. Like I said I’m open about talking about it, however, if I am having regular sex with someone I tend to keep the details to myself, especially if I am in a relationship with that person because obviously, that is our personal life together.

Does the number of previous partners a bf/gf of yours has had matter to you? Why / why not?

It does to a degree, I know it shouldn’t but as someone that hasn’t had a lot of sexual partners, I can get quite intimidated if said partner has had quite a few simply because in my mind they’re going to compare me with their previous partners. However saying that I still do not know how many partners my ex-partner had had before meeting me because I really didn’t care, he was older than me and I knew of a few partners, therefore I just assumed it had been roughly a handful of partners but I never felt like I needed to ask just how many people he had slept with.

Do you think that it’s possible to be in love with two people at once?

I personally believe that if you are in love with two people at once then obviously don’t love the first person, otherwise, you wouldn’t have fallen in love with the second one.

What’s your opinion on sexting / sending nudes to a partner?

I don’t see any issues with it, as long as you are in a committed relationship with the person and you can trust them then go for it. I recently got out of long distance relationship and sexting/send nudes added excitement when we weren’t able to actually see each other and it helped build the sexual tension ready for the next time we did see each other. This made the sex absolutely incredible, so as long as it’s something you feel comfortable doing then go for it!

It takes me about 30 minutes to climax. How can I speed it up?

I’d say definitely recommend adding sex toys into the equations, something small like a bullet vibrator, spend time focusing on foreplay with it. Get your partner to take control of it, allow them to pick the speed and placement but don’t be afraid to be vocal about what feels good. You should never feel bad about how long it takes you to climax though everyone’s bodies are different and unique and it’s not uncommon for a woman to take longer than her partner to climax. With one of my partners, I would climax two or three times before he climaxed once and it never seemed to cause any issues within our sex life.

Is there such a thing as too much sex?

Absolutely not! everyone has different sex drives and as long as you are both safe and happy, and it’s not impacting your daily lives then screw each other as much as you want! Just remember to give everything a rest when it needs one or else you could find the next time you have sex painful and nobody wants that.

I’m heavier than my husband, but he likes me to be on top. How do I make it more enjoyable?

Own it girl! he obviously loves to have full view of your body, let this empower you but if really makes you uncomfortable then maybe trying wearing a cute piece of lingerie such as a babydoll which you can keep on or dim the lights. Just remember that being on top you have full control of your own pleasure and that in itself should be enjoyable, any guy that loves you isn’t going to point out all your wobbly bits he’s going to love and embrace them. I used to refuse to go on top but I’m slowly starting to embrace it more and becoming comfortable in my full body being exposed as well as my ‘performance’ as such.

I hope you enjoyed this little Q&A and if you have any more questions then do please comment them down below and I shall have my next post up on Wednesday which will be my January favourites!

Love you lots like jelly tots x
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