Let’s Talk About…Big Boobs

 So I’m starting a serious called “Let’s Talk About” and the first topic I’ve chosen is big boobs, this is something that I hold dear as I was an early bloomer in the breast department and I was a 34DD by the time I was 12! When I was younger I used to have terrible panic attacks when it came to bra shopping because back in 2009 there were very few bras available to people that were a DD, I was always self-conscious when it came to change for PE as I was forced to wear very boring beige or white bras while all the other girls got to wear cute lace styles. Also brands weren’t making clothing for big boobs and instead I had a You Can’t Wear That mindset. I began to comfort eat as I was skinny but I had these massive breasts (or at least I thought they were massive) but this just made things worse as a majority of the weight I gained went straight to my boobs and they ended up ballooning to a 32G when I was 16. This is when I decided it was time to take back control of not only my weight but my mind frame, plus I was starting college this year and I would be studying dance full time.

Dieting and exercising allowed me to bring my bra size down to a 34E, and I feel very comfortable at this size…especially since several high street stores have finally started to carry DD+ bras that are actually cute…hallelujah! One of these shops is surprisingly Primark, I’ve found many hidden gems in here for £10 or less, sure they’re not the best quality but for someone that spends a large amount of time in sports bras and leotards for dance, they’re absolutely fab. I have to say that ASDA is one of my favourite places to buy bras, they fit wonderfully, wash really well and many of the bras have matching pants…who doesn’t love a matching set of cute underwear!  However, if you’re looking to invest in really high-quality bras then I highly recommend going into Debenhams or Marks and Spencers, I have a couple that I brought in these stores that I’ve had a couple of years and they’re still going strong. Wonderbra makes the best strapless bra I have tried, it doesn’t slide down or move around while you’re wearing it and it also gives excellent support.

As well as multiple cute lace and patterned bras I also have more suitable white, black and nude bra…and I have no idea how I ever survived without a nude coloured bra, it works under any coloured top and saves all the aggravation of if you can see it through a white shirt. Since I also wear black often, I find I am able to wear coloured bras more than some other people might, as obviously black is a very opaque but it’s sometimes nice to wear a bright coloured bra opposed to neutral colours. Despite having larger boobs I’m not afraid of going braless, though after all everyone thinks their boobs are saggy and I hate the fact that society basically says I should always wear a bra because I have large breasts. I don’t think some people realise how painful wearing a bra all day can be, and no feeling will ever compare to taking your bra off once you get home.

Having large breasts it can make shopping for clothing harder as things can often look rather provocative or unflattering but with a lot of practise I have figured what suits me, and sometimes trying a different style a bra can make something look a lot more flattering as well. I’m not ashamed to show a bit of cleavage but if I do then I will always be sure to cover my legs and arms, however with showing skin comes some judgement and I have experienced sexual remarks from both males and females. With time I have learnt just to brush these off and it’s made me a lot more confident in my figure, because in my head I must have a good figure if someone feels the urge to sexualize my body…plus there’s not a lot I can do to stop them from doing so.

If you have any stories, struggles or tips to share about big boobs then feel free to share them in the comments below.

Love you lots like jelly tots x