A Late Lunch at Mozzarella Joes

All You Need In Life Is Mozzarella And The Seas

I love trying new restaurants and find new places to eat that I’d never thought of visiting before so after an afternoon exploring Palmerston Road in Portsmouth, specifically because there was meant to be a craft market (it’s was more a food market than a craft market) but since the weather was beautiful my mum and I decided to try and grab sandwiches and go and sit on the beach. Unfortunately, Waitrose was out of sandwiches and therefore we decided to check out one of the restaurants on the seafront instead.

Now Mozzarella Joes has been located next to the Southsea Rowing Club for several years now but I normally tend to go to one of the huts to grab some fish and chips or cheesy chips so it was a strange difference to be seated in a restaurant looking out at the sea. Also when one of your favourite cheese’s is mozzarella how could I resist a visit? We went in at about 4:30/5 in the afternoon and while the outside area was kinda busy we chose to sit inside away from the seagulls and sea wind. The waiting team were quick to come over and take our drink and food orders.

Since we were by the sea it wouldn’t have been right to order anything other than fish and chips, although the pizzas did look extremely appetising. While my mum went for the standard small cod and chips (£9) I decided to go for the Ocean Combo which was a battered cod fillet, calamari wings and fried scampi plus Joe’s chips…which were seasoned to perfection (£13.50). The portion size for both of these meals was absolutely perfect and allowed us to have just enough room left to order from the dessert menu.

Now I mentioned we had enough room for dessert, and luckily for us, the dessert menu wasn’t massive but instead consisted of 4 different cakes to choose from or a list of sundaes. I went for Tiramisu (£4.00), which is a well-known Italian coffee cake, and this was hands down the best I’ve had in a while. Normally the sponges are far too overpowered by the taste of coffee, and even as someone who loves coffee that can be slightly off-putting. It also came with a blob of whipped cream which was nice and light but completely complimented the cake.

My mum decided to go for the Lumpy Bumpy Cake (£4.00) which was a dark chocolate sponge with a white chocolate mousse topped with dark chocolate and white chocolate flakes. It also came with a blob of whipped cream, and my mum also orders a portion of vanilla ice cream to balance out the bitterness of the dark chocolate. Now I’m not a fan of dark chocolate or else I would have given this a try…plus I was full with my own dessert.

I will certainly be visiting Mozzarella Joes again to try something different from the menu after the food was amazing (all cooked in an open planned kitchen), the service was quick and the wait staff was extremely welcoming. If you’ve ever been to Portsmouth are there any restaurants you’ve visited that I should check out…I am eager to give Pie & Vinyl a trip. Have you visited any new places in the town you live in?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by my me on my Fujifilm Finepix S4240 in natural lighting. They were then edited in photoshop CC 2015.

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