Just A Little Catch Up

Grab a cuppa and let’s have a catch up. I’m normally so good at posting regularly on my blog that when I don’t get at least one post up a week I feel guilty and almost like I’ve failed as a blogger. Back in March I wrote a post all about Feeling Left Behind as university got in the way between my blog and I. It seems to have happened again to some degree, while I do have a lot more spare time on my hands a lot of the time was spent applying for jobs and attending social events (honestly my calendar was fully in May) but now I’m free of uni, my time has now gone to relaxing and sunning it up in Greece. Post coming soon all about it. Then pretty much as soon as I get back it’s time to start work, and while I’m so incredibly thankful to have landed my dream job straight out of uni, I am kinda sad that I don’t really get time to relax.

I’m not too worried though because I know this job is going to be good fun and help me improve a lot more. It’s just a shame that my blog is what helped my land this job and it’s been put onto the back burner for a while. Time management is a pretty strong skill of mine, and it’s going to have to come into play in order to manage a social life, full time job, blogging and maintain my relationship. I’m going to have earned another holiday in a couple of months.

I know everyone hits periods in their lives when they have to prioritise and I like to think I’ve prioritised the right things, after all my blog is only my hobby and doesn’t actually pay the bills as much as it would be nice if it did one day. Sure it’s something I love but I can certainly afford to take a step back every now and then as long as I make sure I come back with even better content than I had originally. I like to think I always do.

Technically speaking I currently have 2 jobs as I recently declared self-employment with my blog since I have started earning a little pocket money from it…after all every little helps. I’ve been able to invest in a MacBook Air thanks to the money I’ve made from blogging this year, along with a little bit added myself from saving over the past 6 months. I’m hoping that this investment will help me up my content even more and so far I’m loving working on it…even if the wifi in Greece isn’t the greatest and I have to sit in the lobby to get a decent connection.

I will soon be a graduate

3 years of hard work, late nights and stress have all come to an end and I’ve reached the end of my dance degree. The past month has been pretty busy for me, while all my work was handed in by the end of April, May saw a lot of social events roll around. Since it was my last year I wanted to attend as many as possible…which I did a pretty decent job of. While also attending a job interview and shooting my girl Sarah twice during May.

I honestly cannot believe that my uni years are over, and while I’m glad to be leaving there is something terrifying about leaving the security bubble of being at university. I recently wrote a post all about 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Uni so if you’re heading off to uni soon, I’d definitely give it a read as I’ve been there, done that and got the degree.

I landed my dream job

After apply to what must have been near to 100 jobs only 1 offered me an interview that wasn’t in the hospitality industry. I’d been apply for marketing and social media related jobs and managed to land my dream job straight out of uni…and I don’t even have a marketing degree. I own it all to this little blog. While I don’t start until Monday 18th, I have had a phone interview, a face to face interview and an induction day within the past 3 weeks. All of which somehow lead to me getting this amazing job which I’m honestly so excited to start and can’t wait to learn new things and constantly be growing. I can’t start a mundane job where I’m doing the same thing everyday. I’m not a plodder, I’m probably too ambitious for my own good sometimes.

You’ve gotta catch me while you can

I jetted off on a well deserved holiday

I love the sun, and the heat to a degree so when it came around to booking a holiday for this summer I was certain I wanted to go in June as last year I went away in July and it was almost too hot to be comfortable. This year though going away earlier has meant less children around and the resort is still pretty quiet while also being reasonably busy at the same time. It probably would have been a wise decision to go away a week later as I literally moved out of uni on Tuesday, finished my holiday shopping on Wednesday, packed on Thursday and flew out on Friday. Safe to say I’ve earned this holiday just from the fact I’ve managed to complete my degree and land a job straight out of uni. It’s the perfect excuse to celebrate. Also if I’d never decided to go away I probably wouldn’t have made the decision to purchase a MacBook during my trip in duty free…sorry bank account.

I’m hoping that with starting to work my life might calm back down and I’ll once again have time I can properly dedicated to blogging. Currently I’m spending a little time before dinner and in the evenings writing posts and commenting on other people’s posts and it’s actually helping to kick start my inspiration by doing a little every day. While I’m sure I’ll still have moments when I just want to spend hours on end writing a couple of posts or binge reading my favourites, I think slow and steady is the way forward for me…after all I am going to be working a 9 to 5:30 job 5 days a week so it’s going to be a struggle to find time to blog. I’ll manage it though. If you’ve noticed I’m currently only posting once a week as to still allow time for myself but fingers crossed I can get back up to 2 posts a week as well as 1 video a week over on my Youtube Channel. I’ve just got to find the right balance for me.

Hows the past month been for you?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by Sarah on a Canon 70D with 35 Sigma Art Les in natural lighting. They were then edited in Lightroom.
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