June Favourites

 The month of June has been so surreal for me, I’ve moved away from London, kept up with posting twice a week on my blog which has lead me to receive over 1000 page views! As well as this I’ve taken a lot more control over my diet and workout plan, I’m determined to get fit over the summer. I cannot actually believe how quickly this month has flown by and pretty soon I shall be heading off to Blackpool for a week of thrills and excitement, all of which I’m planning to blog. Anyway enough of the rambling time to get into some of my favourite things from June.

First of all, has to be blogging, I think it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time is to make a blog and actually stick with it this time. I’ve had a great time so far being able to express my own opinions on products, as well as being able to share my personal experiences with the internet (some more personal than others). Hopefully, I’m here to stay for the long haul, if I can make through a month then surely I can make it through the years. As much as I’ve enjoyed blogging I have found it slightly stressful trying to post twice a week in between other things, and as a result, my skin has been suffering slightly, but nothing that a face mask can’t sort out. My current favourite face mask is the Superdrug Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask (£0.99) I find that I can get two or three uses out of each packet which is amazing considering it costs only 99p! Despite the fact that this mask is designed for oily skin, I find it works fine with my dry skin as long as I moisturise afterwards plus it clears up sports better than ones designed for dry skin.

Being back home means I have been able to order Graze boxes (£4.99 each)easier as I can get the delivered to my front door opposed to a post room. This has been highly useful in aiding my healthy eating as I now reach for a snack out of my boxes when I’m peckish rather than some biscuits or crisps, and I highly recommend you try Graze out after all your first box is free! Two of my favourite snacks are the Marvellous Macaroon and the Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie, and the best thing about Graze is if you find a particular snack you enjoy you can buy it in bulk from the website. As well as eating better I also recently purchased the Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz (£11.68)after hearing some amazing feedback on it, and I have to say I really enjoy it. I normally hate working out and it’s the last thing I want to be doing but with the short interval training that this DVD offers I really enjoy it. It’s full of 12 lots of 3-minute workouts, as well as a warm up and cool down (full thing coming in at just over an hour) so it’s quick, easy and engaging; let’s not forget the fact that it actually works as well.

Obviously, it’s nearly July which means summer should be quickly approached, and this means wearing sandals; now as a dancer, I don’t have the best feet, they’re covered in hard skin, blisters and bruises. I won’t let this stop me from wearing cute sandals, though, so I use the  Baylis & Harding Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit Foot Lotion (Originally £20 on sale for £6) and I received this in a gift set at Christmas and it’s taken me many months before I began to use it. Through June I have fallen in love with this product and my feet are a lot softer without getting rid of any of the hard skin that I need for dance. This is a must have for anyone that doesn’t have perfectly cared for feet. Finally, the only way to make feet look even better is with painted toenails, my current go to colour is Chanel Le Vernis (£18) in 167 Ballerina. This is such a pretty summer colour and is nearly the exact colour of a brand new pair of ballet tights! The one this I don’t like about this product is that it’s not very opaque which means it requires a lot of coats to create a good colour pay off. This isn’t too bad though since toenails don’t chip as quickly as fingernails

I’ve had a couple of new makeup discovers and also some love for pre-existing items in my collection. The two new items I have been loving you would have seen if you’ve read my Too Many New Goodies posts so I’m not going to ramble about them but they are the NYX Tame and Frame Brow Pomade (£5.50) in 02 Chocolate and Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot (£16.00) in Painterly, and I reach for both these items almost daily basis. Some of my re-discovered favourites are Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter (£7.99) in 42 Juicy Papaya, I absolutely adore this lip product as it’s very hydrating while still giving some colour pay off. It’s an orange-coral colour and I just adore it; it’s perfect for summer time. Another rediscovered product is the Rimmel Stay Blushed (£4.49) in 004 Sunkissed Cherry, as someone that is a massive fan of blusher I purchased this one back last summer as it is a liquid blusher and I have found I prefer it in the summer months, it’s a lot lighter and natural looking that powder blush. The colour makes my cheeks look rosy opposed to just pink from being too hot, I highly recommend it as an introductory product to liquid blushers, as it’s more of a moose consistency rather than runny. Finally is my dupe for the original Naked palette, it’s the Makeup Revolution Redemption  Palette (£4.00) in Iconic 1, I picked this up about a year ago because I didn’t want to pay out the price for the Urban Decay Naked, but I was in love with the colours. With a bit of work you can build up the pigment of these shadows and they are very similar to it’s more expensive dupe. At a fraction of the price I don’t mind having to put that little bit of extra effort in, however, my love for the colours in this palette has convinced me to save up for the Urban Decay one.

My final two favourites this month are brushes, the first one being by Real Techniques. It’s from the Collectors Edition Eyeliner Set (£19.99), specifically, it is the eyeliner brush, except I don’t use it for liner I use it to fill in the brows. The brush it’s is short and compact and great for the applying product but not too heavy, I tend to use it with lighter strokes towards the start of my brows and darker strokes towards the tail. The second brush is one I purchased from a large set of Amazon, I’d seen many people with these brush sets and decided to buy one for myself. It’s a 32 piece brush set (£9.49) with lip, eye and face brushes included, and my absolute favourite brush is the large fan brush, I find it works perfectly for my highlight as it applies the product well but is large enough that it blends it as well so I don’t end up having unnatural looking highlight.

Love you lots like jelly tots x


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