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It’s July Which Means Summer Is Here

We’ve reached the end of another month, I swear July just disappeared in the blink of an eye. I apologies for not making many posts over the course of the month however I have been on holiday and also I have been extremely busy with friends and family. Over the short period that was July I decided to take a lot better care of my skin and body, as well as returning to hobbies that I have enjoyed in the past. This included falling back in love with a little purple dragon called Spyro. Feel free to judge me for still playing Playstation 1 & 2 games, but personally, they are my favourite. Nothing beats a classic!


Since I’ve not been at home a lot this month I’ve been using my iPad mini 2 (from £219) a lot than I previously had, I have been using it to catch up on programs while on the go but also I’ve enjoyed watching youtube videos on it. Some of my favourite YouTubers in July include Jazzybum, Hannah Renee, MsRosieBea, Becca Rose and Eve Bennett, as well as the usual favourites such as Zoe Sugg, Jim Chapman and Gabriella Lindley. Obviously with the amount I have been using my iPad I’m having to re-charge it part way through the day so I carry my Bitmore JUUCEE 2600 Powerbank with LED Torch (£14.99) personally I tend to find I can get a couple of full charges from this little beauty, plus it has built-in torch which is great for finding lost change at the bottom of my bag!

As I said earlier I have spent this month taking better care of my skin and body, in order to do this, I have been treating myself to pamper evenings. During these evenings I like to apply a face mask, and I have tried a range of them this month and have found Deep Sea Clay are one of my favourites, however, I didn’t have one of these to hand. I find my skin is so much softer as a face mask. Due to the hot weather, I am finding my pores are a lot more obvious, something I’ve always disliked however I finally got around to trying pore strips! How I ever lived without these before I don’t know, I picked these ones up from Primark (£1.00) but they are literally the most satisfying thing. As gross as it sounds I love to look at all the gunk that comes out of my pores. This month I’ve also become a lot more self-conscious over the stains on my teeth (I’m an avid coffee drinking) and have therefore stepped up my dental hygiene dramatically. I picked up this Colgate Max White Expect Toothbrush and Pen (£11.99) in Superdrug and already my confidence has skyrocketed; before I’d never smile in pictures but now I love to smile and show off my whiter teeth! It’s a whitening toothbrush with a whitening pen at the bottom; you basically paint on a white paste onto your teeth after you have brushed them. It took a couple attempts to get the hang of it as the instructions weren’t the clearest to follow, but now it only takes roughly a minute to paint it on then I can get on with my day. I would personally recommend this to anyone that wishes to get whiter teeth, don’t expect pearly whites but they certainly won’t be a funny yellow colour anymore.
Since returning from Blackpool I’ve made the effort to eat better, as well as trying to switch coffee to green tea. My favourite green tea I’ve discovered is Tetley Super Green Tea Immune Tropical (£1.40) from drinking green tea I’ve found that I am less bloated throughout the day, and my skin has also been more hydrated and in better condition than it previously was. I’m a massive fan of pitta bread but rather than having them with something such a Camembert or another high-calorie cheese I’ve started dipping them into houmous. Specifically, I have been using flavoured houmous as I find the original types very bland and boring, I’ve been loving this Sweet Chilli Houmous (£1.00) from Asda; it makes the perfect snack on a hot summers day. I’ve also been eating my body weight in carrots this month since I’ve been dipping them in this houmous as well. However I haven’t been restricting my body anything sweet, but since getting Graze boxes I have gather quite a collection of sweet snacks and I personally find the little cakes and flapjacks are two of my favourites.

Since I’ve not been at uni I’ve had more time to try out new makeup products, as well as continuing to love some all time favourites. My newest purchase this month is the Purr Liquid Veil Foundation (£28.00) to begin with I wasn’t too sure on this foundation, it’s almost a dupe for the Dior Airflash Spray Foundation (£33.50) although there isn’t much of a price difference. My main issue with this foundation is that the shade Light isn’t very light, it does take a lot of blending to make it not look funny on my skin. However, I do love the finish of this foundation, plus it feels light on the skin which is just perfect for the summer weather. This month I have been loving wearing a pinkish nude on my lips and Tanya Burr Martha Moo Luxe Lip Gloss (£5.99) is just the perfect shade; I’m a massive fan of liquid lipsticks so I was eager to get my hands on this one. Having never owned anything from Tanya’s range I was unsure as to what to expect, but I am highly impressed with this product and paired with a darker lip liner it is the perfect summer muted colour.

It wouldn’t be the summer if I didn’t include a bronzer, and this month I’ve been loving Benefit Hoola Bronzer (£23.50) I have only recently got my hands on this; I love using it as a contour colour and also in my crease paired with a peachy shadow. It gives me just enough definition to my face without looking like a streak of mud (as contour shades often look on my pale skin). If you have skin as pale as me I recommend giving this a try, sure it’s one the pricey side but it’s worth it! It’s undeniable that we all get sweaty as the weather heats up all our eye shadow seems to disappear minutes after we apply it. I’m not normally one to use primers or cream shadows but I find myself reaching for my Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Layin’ Low(£16.00) before continuing onto using my all time favourite palette Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette (£38.50). Despite this palette not having typically summer colours I still love it very much, over this month I’ve loved experimenting with the colours and I love to do a taupey purple smoky eye or even just use to bronze and gold shades all over my lid; either way, it’s my perfect palette.

I recently got all my photographs from my first year a uni printed out and what better place to put them all than in a scrapbook? I picked this one up on a trip to Hobbycraft 8×8 Scrapbook (£2.00 ) although I can’t find the exact pattern that is on the cover. This is the perfect sized scrapbook for me, as I don’t like to overcrowd pages and I can fit two pictures per page…meaning this book is filled to the brim but I love flicking through it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what my July favourites have been, let me know what some of yours have been! If you want to read my previous favourites you can find them: June Favourites, May Favourites

Love you lots like jelly tots x

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