January Favourites

So we are a couple of weeks into February and I realise I hadn’t posted my January favourites, so here there are…better late than never right? Since I seemed to have spent a majority of  January either crying or ill I spent a lot of time concentrating on my skin care and making sure my skin was in the best possible condition despite what it was going through. I spent a good couple of days looking like Rudolf with a bright red nose!

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ (£18.00 for 50ml)

This moisturiser has been a part of my skincare for numerous years now, however, I only used to sporadically it’s only since the start of the new year have I taken a committed approach to looking after my skin. The fact I recently turned twenty made me realise that it’s about time I got serious about taking care of my skin, after all, I’m stuck with it until I die. I love the consistency of this lotion, it’s not too thick and a small amount goes a long way which is always good considering it’s slightly pricey. I always find my skin looks a lot more radiant and glowing after I apply this, it also helps to create a solid base for my foundation and helps it to stop seeping into any fine lines I have. This product is no good if you have oily or combination skin as it is aimed and designed for dry to severely dry skin, something I have always suffered with!

Amphora Aromatics Lavender & Tea Tree Cleansing Gel (£5.94 for 100ml)

This is a product that I was sent back in October/November time and to begin with I only used it to clean my makeup brushes (something it did an amazing job of) as I’ve always been sensitive to lavender, however, one day I ran out of my normal cleanser and decided to try this on my skin and I was blown away with how clean it made my skin feel, and I instantly placed this in my shower. I use it all over my face while I’m in the shower and it helps to melt away any leftover makeup on my face, as well as cleaning out any dirt. Although this is aimed at congested and acne prone skin (something my skin luckily isn’t) it still helps to do an amazing job of cleaning it. I recently struggled with a few spots on my forehead from stress and with the aid of this product they have disappeared in no time at all.

King of Shaves Shave Gel Sensitive (£3.99 for 150ml)

It might be winter which means I’m less inclined to wear items of clothing without tights and therefore don’t put as much effort into shaving my legs, however, from time to time I do enjoy having freshly shaved legs it helps me feel that little bit more put together. This is especially so on a night out as you never know where the night may lead, a sudden hole in a pair of tights, or a one night stand, either way, I like to be prepared for all eventualities.

Noughty Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner (£6.99 for 150ml)

Winter and the cold have taken its toll on my hair. Despite having four inches cut off just after new year my hair has been extremely dry, that is, however before I started using this leave-in conditioner. I received multiple lots of this product on a shift I was working in December but I never got around to trying it before I went home for Christmas and silly me forgot to take any with her. I’d certainly suggest this product if you have dry or hair that tangles and knots easily, you simply apply it after you’ve towel dried your hair and then style your hair as you normally would. I use this every time I wash my hair (which is normally two or three times a week) and I’m still yet to finish up one tube of the product. It doesn’t take a lot as you just have to place it in the mid length to the ends of your hair.

David Bowie- Nothing Has Change Vinyl (£39.70)

So for Christmas, I received a vinyl player (see it in my “What I got for Christmas” post) and my favourite vinyl I have been playing has got to be my David Bowie- Nothing Has Changed, it consists of all of my favourite Bowie songs including ‘Let’s Dance’, ‘Heros’ and ‘Rebel Rebel’. I love nothing better than playing this vinyl while writing blog posts or catching up on my reading for my uni classes, there is something I find relaxing about listening to vinyl, especially songs that would have originally been played on vinyl. Sure this vinyl is on the slightly pricier side, it is, however, an investment as it contains all of Bowie’s greatest hits which means I don’t need to go out and buy every vinyl separately in which I may on enjoy listening to a handful of songs from each.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette Iconic Pro 1 (£6.00)

I’ve always been a lover of Makeup Revolution eye shadow and this palette is no exception! This palette contains shadows in which you can create subtle daytime looks or more dramatic and smoky nighttime looks. I absolutely adore the shimmer shades in this palette, they’re highly pigmented and they’re different from all the other shadows I own. As well as a range of colours this palette also comes with a shimmery white and a matte black, and this is one of the best black shadows I have used in a while.

Revlon Color Stay Foundation Norm/ Dry (£12.99 for 30ml)

This is my all time favourite foundation, I use the shade 110 Ivory, and it perfectly matches my skin. It is a medium but buildable foundation and I find it makes my skin look flawless, especially when I apply it with my miracle complexion sponge. Personally, I find this foundation stays all day even if I do forget to set the whole of my face. The one issue I do have with this foundation is that it does sink into my fine lines under my eyes so I have to set it extremely quickly in order to avoid this. I love that this foundation is formulated for dry skin as this means it doesn’t cling to any of my dry patches, and it doesn’t suck all of the moisture out and leaving my skin feeling and looking rough.

Tanya Burr Beautifully Defined Palette (£9.30)

This palette was released as part of Tanya’s Christmas range, and it is one of the few products I own by Tanya and I absolutely adore it. I find that the bronzey/contour shade is perfect for my skin tone, it isn’t too warm so I can use it for a soft contour or to just bronze up my entire face. The powder highly that is included in this palette is a beautiful champagne colour which helps to add a subtle glow to the cheekbones, but you can also build it up for a more dramatic look. I will often mix the liquid highlight into my foundation to give it a much more dewy finish and make my skin glow that little bit more as recently I’ve been much more of a fan of dewy skin opposed to a fully matte look. Along with three face products there are also three shadows included which make a pretty bronzed eye look when you use all three together, however, I tend to use Silk Pajamas all over my lid for a nice pop of colour on a daily basis.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the products I enjoyed using in the month of January and if there is anything you think I should try out during February then certainly leave it in the comments below! What was your favouite product in January?

Love you lots like jelly tots x

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