January Discoveries

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So as much I love reading and watching people’s monthly favourites, I personally hate writing the posts myself. I’ve attempted them several times in the past since they’re typical “beauty blogger” posts. In honesty their not my cup of tea though. Instead, I’m going to talk about new discoveries I’ve made every month, but not go into too much detail. It’s sort of like a favourite but I might have only been using these products and/or items for a couple of days and these sorts of posts might not just be filled with positive items. It also gives me the perfect opportunity to include any PR items I’ve been sent that I haven’t been able to fit in their own individual post during the course of the month.

For example, I received some samples from Clive Christian and with Valentines around the corner, they do the perfect Gift Sets For Him* if you’re looking to spoil your man. No.1 Masculine is a gorgeous clean but musky scent and would be perfect either for wearing on special occasions or for daily wear (although maybe slightly pricey for a day to day scent)…but still has an amazing smell and is long lasting none the less.

I personally love discovering new items to incorporate into my everyday life, skincare, makeup or hair routines…even if I don’t really do much other than wash and curl my hair oops. January saw us bring in the New Year, as well as the January sales which I may have gone a bit makeup buying happy in. It’s was also the month I actually earned a half decent amount of money from my blog, but nowhere near enough to take it full time yet, but most importantly I tried out new products, and now it’s time to share them with you.


This month I became an ambassador for Tea Tree & Witch Hazel, after years of suffering from dry skin I had to perform a complete 180 when I began to suffer from bad breakouts almost daily. I hadn’t changed my eating habits or skincare routine, my skin had just decided to change. I blame my hormones and turning 21 but none the less I’ve stripped back my entire skincare routine to a face wash, this toner, spot stick and moisturiser which has helped a ton. The fact that this is a cleanser and toner just means there’s one less step in my routine and one less product to fit into my travel bag.


Discoveries don’t always have to be something completely brand new, it could just be a new way of doing things. That’s what happened with me and bullet journaling. Back when I started my blog in 2016 I tried my hand at bullet journalling for everyday life and I just couldn’t keep it up and therefore I decided to have a crack at it for blog or personal related things and it’s changed my life. New Year, New Bullet Journal meant I could take a new approach to blogging and so far it’s paid off. I’m able to keep on top of all my posts, plan out content as well as keep track of statistics and income all in one handy notebook. I think I would be heartbroken if I ever lost this baby.


I picked this book up a couple of months ago but it’s just been sat on my bookshelf until this month when I decided to give it a read. While I’m only about 100 pages in, I’m loving it already. It’s a great escape from both university work and blogging and I love to read a couple of chapters before heading to bed, it really gives me a chance to zone out. Well done Louise. Not that you’ll be reading this post.


I don’t think I’ve ever really used any powder other than the Rimmel Stay Matte so one day (before I got Amazon Prime) I had to get my order over £20 to get free shipping and this baby was something like £2.87, I couldn’t resist. This is literally the best loose powder I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t go cakey, it sits beautifully on the skin and I LOVE BAKING WITH IT…and I have always hated baking. It really just helps to achieve a flawless base.


Now like bullet journaling, podcasts (in general) aren’t a brand new discovery, but I have discovered new podcasts to listen to over the month. While I’d previously only listened to ‘My Favourite Murder’ and ‘Lore’ I’ve started to branch out a bit too ‘Made Online’ as well as ‘Shane and Friends’. With it being dissertation season I’m spending a lot of time just reading academic journals and books or typing up sentences I’m not sure even make sense. While I used to listen to music while I worked I found I used to also use it as a great way to procrastinate nothing like a good Mamma Mia sing along and therefore went in search for something else I could listen to but shouldn’t distract me quite as much. So if you know any good podcasts, please share them with me, I’m always looking for new ones to listen to.


I HATE WEARING A BRA. They dig in, itch and I’m always forgetting to wash them, I think I’ve been wearing my nude bra for over a month now without washing I’m gross I know. However, while browsing the New Look sales I discovered two bralettes IN MY SIZE. This alone was a bloody miracle but the fact they were also in the sale…how could a girl resist? Now I’m yet to wear this in public (unless you count the university library as public) but I have ordered another couple since they’re just great to pop on to feel slightly more put together, but not being confined to a wire cage.


This concealer is one of the best discoveries I’ve made in a long time. While I missed the first lot of stock of this, you can bet that I was on the Superdrug website quicker than Usain Bolt can sprit when I got the restock email. I have zero regrets, while I’d previously used the cult classic Collection Lasting Perfection or the Rimmel Breathable nothing compares to this. If you want to read more in-depth my love for this product then head over to The Winter Makeup Edit.


Now, this was a Christmas present from Sam’s sister, and it smells amazing. I’ve never owned a Hollister body mist until now…I’m so confused as to why not. It smells amazing and the fact that is is quite sweet is getting me super excited for spring to come. It has found a home in my dance bag since nobody likes to stink after a ballet class.


While I have previously had a BAN.DO agenda, I had the biggest size they offered and found I struggled to actually carry it around with me, so while it looked cute on my desk and I loved using it…it was not handbag friendly. This year I scaled down to the A5 (roughly) size and it’s made transporting it so much easier. While most people might not want to carry around an agenda, I quite like having it in my uni bag so I can jot down any tutorials, meetings and dreaded deadlines. While also placing a star on all the days I have a blog post going live. It’s very much the place where my whole life comes together.

While I’ve been using most of these items for a majority of the month, I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting them all in a favourites post. You never know things could change during February and I could end up hating bralettes and thinking bullet journaling is a complete waste of time. Hopefully, I manage to get this style of post up every month, or at least every quater…depending on my shopping habits and how much PR mail I receive.

Are there any new discoveries you’ve made in January that you’re loving?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by my myself on my Olympus Pen E-PL7 in natural lighting. They were then edited on Photoshop CC 2015 and VSCO.
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