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Why has aesthetic sizing

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I’m 5 foot 2, F cup chest and thick thighs…all of that makes shopping very stressful, to the point sometimes I don’t even want to go shopping or I end up returning every single item I ordered. This, in turn, leaves me stressed that I’m not going to be able to create any fashion content for a long period of time. While I’m pretty confident in my body I still have insecurities, I’m not a fan of my thighs and I get eczema near my elbow whenever I’m super stressed out.

Years of dance and gymnastics have left me with bulky muscles in my legs, and more often than not I have to go up 2 or 3 sizes just in order to get an item above my knees. On top of this, I have a 26-inch waist which is technically size 8 but I have to go up to a size 12 to accommodate my hips. While this didn’t bother me when I was slimmer, but now I buy a 10 to 12 as a base size having to go up to a 16 or 18 can be pretty disheartening especially when a size 8 skirt will fit my waist but not be anywhere near close fitting my hips.

As if it wasn’t upsetting enough to watch my clothing size increase from a poor diet and lack of exercise, but for it to be increased because brands use ‘aesthetic sizing’ is even worse. To be honest I don’t even know what my actual clothing size is since it varies so dramatically between items, shops and even the colour of the item!

We’ve all seen the videos of people trying on the same style of jeans in the same size, but from different brands and there can be some dramatic differences. I’m fed up with having to cue to use the changing rooms for one item and having to order multiple sizes in items just so there’s a chance I might get something that fits.

I’ve always had a love for fashion since I was little…although some looks were questionable it all lead to me Finding My Personal Style. It was easier to be interested in fashion before puberty hit and I grew boobs overnight. Even now I struggle to wear some trends because they just do not suit my body shape (wrap dresses and skirts are an example), which can make me feel left out of the community. While everyone was parading around in cute wrap over tea dresses I had to hunt for one that didn’t show more boob than needed. I have eventually manage to find one but it certainly wasn’t easy, and it’s still pretty booby but I don’t mind showing my boobs off to a certain degree. While ASOS have a fuller bust range, I’m yet to try any of the actual clothing out although it’s great to finally be able to buy bralettes in my size and free my boobs from their underwire cage.

Let’s not even mention trying to wear flared trousers and jumpsuits. The jumpsuit I’m wearing in these photographers is meant to be a culotte one…good joke. While I have pretty long legs for my height I’m still only 5’2, anything cropped on a normal person is typically full length on me, and buying petite often means I have to size up because apparent petite also means skinny now not quite sure how that happened.


I’m sure everyone experiences similar situations whether your slimer than me, bigger, taller or shorter we all run into issues which are forced upon us by clothing brands. Alot of cuts of items for this Spring/Summer do not suit by body shape at all and it’s a struggle to produce ‘relatable content’ in regards to fashion and the trends.

While this is a pressure I place upon myself, I find that people tend to engage in my content more (particularly on Instagram) if I can link them directly to a product opposed to suggesting something from a year or two ago that is completely unavailable now. Sorry this jumpsuit is one of those situations…but I didn’t expect it to sell out within a week of me purchasing it.

I recently read a post by Petite Ellie about Waving Goodbye To Beauty Standards and it really got me thinking about how much pressure I put on myself to look good in photographs, create relatable content and in doing so am I losing an essence of myself? Am I worrying too much about trying to make the trends fit me and less about dressing as I want to and fitting with my own personal style…regardless as to if the size on the item says 10, 14 or 20. It’s not the size on the label that matters but the confidence I feel in myself and that should come first.

Overall it’d be nice to have some sort of consistency between brands and their sizing. It’ll be nice to know I can order a size 10 in something and it’ll fit nearly everytime. Currently, I might order something in a size 10, it’ll fit perfectly and then order a different colour in the same size and it’ll fit completely differently. This post has become a bit of a ramble about my annoyance at clothing sizes, the struggle of creating relatable content when your body isn’t #goals. It’s probably something that will always dwell in the back of my mind but I’ll learn not to pay attention to it. While fashion may be aimed at a specific group of people, it doesn’t mean just those people enjoy fashion.

Does the sizing of clothing annoy you?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by my mum on my Olympus Pen E-PL7 in natural lighting. They were then edited on Photoshop CC 2015 and VSCO.
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