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Teen movies like Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Mean Girls, Love Rosie and Monte Carlo…what do all these movies have in common? That’s right the girl gets the guy but in reality, life isn’t like that, as much as we wish it was. Teen movies show us the ideal love life, even though it’s not always smooth sailing getting there. I remember reading the Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging books when I was younger and basically living by what they said, to the point I even had the snogging scale written out in my diary at the time. I could easily relate to Georgia, I was just as awkward as she was, just as cat obsessed and had a crush on a guy that was obviously way out of my league.

I was actually sat watching ATPS when I came up with this post idea, actually, it was one particular line that inspired this “The guy always leads, and the girl follows” which is said to Georgia when she goes for her first ‘snogging session’. First of all that’s a creepy enough aspect alone, apparently nobody had heard of mono at the time of its release, second of all why can’t I (as a female) take lead in the kiss? I’ve probably initiated just as many kisses, as what I’ve had a guy take the lead on. Sure it is nice for the guy to take the lead but sometimes I just want a kiss and I’d rather just go in for it than be awkward and ask for one…although I do sometimes do that as well. This did get me thinking about the things that I’d learned from teen movies and how exactly they’d shaped and influenced me as a person over the years, and if it has been in a positive or negative way.

So I decided to go through and see what were the main things that actually annoyed me from teen movies and how these things really don’t represent real life even in the slightest. Unless of course your life is a teen movie.

How A Person Should Act

I thought we were well past the stage of telling people how to act, but apparently not. According to teen movies, if you’re a gay man you must be extremely flamboyant and love theatre, fashion and everything girly. However, if you’re a gay female you should be extremely butch and manly…you know so people automatically know you’re gay, cause yanno tomboys don’t exist.

Let’s not forget that the lead female is nearly always a girl next door and never a girl boss…come on it’s time to get with the 21st century. It’s about time we saw a female lead in a movie actually take control of her own life in a teen movie…and work her absolutely arse off for it opposed to being handed anything on a silver tray.

Appearance Is More Important

Who needs a personality when you can just look amazing? I mean that’s all the guy wants to is cute girlfriend…he doesn’t care if she has zero personality as long as her hair is super glossy and she’s got makeup on that even Nikki Tutorials would be jealous of.

I think I’m yet to see a couple just hanging out in gross pajamas, with messy bed hair, not a hint of makeup (unless you count left over mascara under the eyes) talking about an actually engaging topic instead of just talking about themselves or something that is going to be important to the plot later on.

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Nobody Studies At University

I mean we see Elle Woods study to get to Harvard…but do we see her study once she’s there? Do we heck, many teen movies show don’t actually show the reality of university. I know I was personally upset when I started university and discovered I wasn’t going to meet the love of my life in the first week, or that I would somehow magically get amazing grades…let’s not forget the super cute dorm rooms.

It’s all just lies when in reality university is full of drunken guys that will try and snog you on a night out no matter how many times you tell them not to. As well as many all-nighters in the library and dorm rooms that will be so small, cold and constantly have something wrong with you’ll wonder where someone dreamed up such amazing dorms in the films.

Don’t Worry About Taking Your Makeup Off

Who needs a whole cupboard of skincare when you can just sleep in your makeup and still wake up with perfectly flawless skin?Characters in teen movies that’s who. I’m almost certain I’ve never seen a character take off their full face of makeup before they get into bed, instead deciding to sleep in full coverage foundation, lashes, the whole shebang…cause unrealistic expectations of what people look like is the norm.

To be honest, I’d even be happy enough with just seeing them whip out a makeup wipe at the least, but there’s no way I’m being fooled into thinking you can get away with never removing your makeup. Especially as I have quite an in-depth skincare routine yet still suffer from spots, and I don’t even wear makeup on a daily basis.

Now despite all of this, I think I’ll still always love watching a teen movie…even if it does anger me slightly at how unrealistic they can be. But I suppose that is sort of the point of a teen movie is to show a perfect teen life, sort of an escape away from real life for an hour or two.

So what is your favourite teen movie?

Love you lots like jelly tots


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