I will always state at the bottom of the post when a product has been sent to me, there will also be an asterisk next to the product name. All links in sponsored posts are ‘no follow’ links; this is done in order to stop companies gaining extra page hits easily, which would essentially make them more popular in search engines.
Whether a post has been sponsored, or I’ve received PR samples all opinions are my own, I will honestly discuss the pros/cons of a product. I don’t want someone to waste their money because I said a product was amazing when it turns out to be shockingly poor. Some products may be featured in more than one post, however, this is only ever because I actually really like the product/it looks good in my flat lay. I will never talk about a product multiple times for the brand unless they have specifically asked for multiple posts. If I especially do not like a product then I won’t write a post solely on it, instead, it will be included with a multitude of other ‘disappointing or unsatisfactory products’ post.

If you have any questions about this disclosure feel free to contact me at alicia@aestheticobsessed.co.uk