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The Holy Colourpop

I’d spent way too much time lusting over Colourpop items so when I saw they had free international shipping the exact weekend that I received my student finance payment I just couldn’t resist making an order. While the shipping was free, I did receive a rather hefty customs free of ¬£26.02…baring in mind my order only came to $84; although I did expect a customs fee I didn’t expect it to be quite high. I might in the future try to use a shipping company rather than ordering directly from Colourpop to my address, as I’ve seen people don’t tend to get hit with customs fees if they do this…although knowing my luck I’ll still get hit with one.

Despite the customs fee my order took 10 days to arrive and considering it was shipped all the way from the States that is impressive, quicker than some items I’ve ordered from the UK before. Obviously, I was unbelievably excited when my package did finally arrive and I couldn’t resist ripping open the box to view all the gorgeous goodies I’d purchased. I was good though and resisted using anything until I’d photographed everything ready for this post. That took a lot of self-control I was dying to find out if the supershock shadows really were as soft and pigmented as everyone said they were.

I feel I made the right decision upon ordering quite a few items as it has given me the chance to try out different formulas of products and decide on what I really want to order more of…and I certainly do want to place more orders in the future that’s for sure. Rather than ordering individual products, I ordered bundles as these worked out cheaper and meant I didn’t have to spend hours perfectly deciding exactly what products I wanted. This could have easily resulted in me being disappointed by my entire order instead I love pretty much everything which I purchased.

Nectar Collection $30.00

This is the first ‘value set’ that grabbed my attention I just had to have. It’s made up of three lip products and four eyeshadows, all in coral and peach tones. I thought the colours would be absolutely perfect for Spring/Summer and that it was amazing value for money. While I haven’t yet used the shadows on my eyes when swatched they feel extremely creamy and have a great colour payoff. The shadows in this quad are; ‘Take a Break’ which is a duochrome, ‘Issues’ which is matte, ‘Centerfold’ which is matte and ‘Slim Fit’ which is also matte. One item I do constantly reach for from this bundle is an Ultra Satin lip in the shade ‘Likely’ I’m obsessed with this colour it reminds me a lot of ‘Velvet Teddy’ by Mac, but a lot more peach and warm toned. You also receive an Ultra Matte in the shade ‘The Twirl’ and an Ultra Glossy in the shade ‘Up Do’.

Aquarius Bundle $15

I’d recently become obsessed with Kathleen Lights before making my Colourpop order and I just adored the look of the Aquarius Satin Lip and therefore when I saw all the lip products as a bundle I couldn’t help but order them. I love them all, but particularly the Glossy lip, which is surprising as I’m normally someone to go for a matte or satin lip opposed to a glossy. This particular gloss is in no way sticky and tastes funny (a fear dating back to those silly lip glosses you have as an adolescent) and I love wearing this product if I’m having a no makeup day.

Love Line $18

Not being able to decide which supershock shadows I wanted to order I picked up this quad…mainly because I was drawn to the shade ‘Sequin’ which is an Ultra Glitter, as it was a shade I’d been hunting for since basically forever. Also included in this set is ‘Truth’ which is a satin, ‘Brady’ which is a matte and ‘Static’ which is also a satin. These are the shadows I keep reaching for and wearing a lot as they create a beautiful mauvey rose gold look which I have just been obsessed with recently. (If you want me to do a post on how to recreate the look let me know and I’ll get it arranged at some point.) People weren’t lying about how soft these shadows actually are, and they blend beautifully and last amazingly…I wore them out the other night (applied at about 7 pm) ended up staying out all night and they still looked good at 8 am the next day. That is actually insane for the price, I’d expect that sort of quality and lasting power from high-end shadows.

Mile High $20

Obviously, I had to have a peek into the sale section to see what goodies would be left over from the Christmas range and I was not disappointed when I found this set of Supershock shadows for only $20, which is an insane amount for six shadows! One thing letting this set down is the fact that there is only one matte, however that matte does work well with the other five shades available in this set. The shades in included are; ‘Truth’ which is a satin, ‘Nillionaire’ which is metallic, ‘So Quiche’ which is a soft metallic, ‘Lala’ which is a metallic, ‘Cricket’ which is multi-dimensional and ‘Mittens which is the matte. I haven’t really reached for these shadows yet as I keep reaching for the Love Line quad, however, I am excited to play with these, particularly the shades ‘So Quiche’ and ‘Lala’ the latter of which reminds me a lot of ‘Amber Lights’ from M.A.C.

Have you ordered anything from Colourpop before? If so are there any key items you think I should try next time I decide to make an order?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photographs in this post were taken by me on my Fujifilm Finepix S4240 in natural lighting and edited on Facetune and VSCO.

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