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Since university has been finished for the summer I’ve been spending more time reading blogs, and finding new blogs to read. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you’ll know I’ve done a couple of posts very similar to this before inclding my People You Need To Be Following post, as well as my May Online Catch Up. Now I still read the blogs of people mentioned on these posts, I’m consantly finding new people to follow and fan girl over…yes I get excited when my favourite bloggers write a new post.

Some of the posts I’ve listed as my favourites from each blogger have helped to influence my own posts, and choices. I know that I personally find a lot of influence from fellow bloggers and I try not to write any publish any posts that are too similar too close to when someone else does, and if I do I always like to include a link to their post.

I also have an exciting annoucement that should help my photographs become a lot more aesthetically pleasing and that is that I finally bit the bullet and treated myself to the Olympus Pen E-PL7 along with the 45mm lens. I didn’t even realise it was possible to fall in love with an inanimate object…but I have and I honestly cannot wait to shoot an outfit post with it.

If you want me to write a review on the camera or talk through how I take and edit my photos (once I finally figure it out myself) then do let me know!

Also if you want to find out more of my favourite blogs then follow me on Twitter as I’m getting into doing weekly #ff for all my favourite bloggers.

Simply Abbi

I’ve been reading Abbi’s blog for probably about a year now and I absolutely adore the content she creates. Not only does she have great photography but she also gets across any information she is giving. She creates similar content to me, and therefore I find a lot of inspiration in Abbi’s blog and something the topic she has written about sparks and entire post idea for me. My favourite posts she has written include: Thoughts On Turning 22, Re-Vamping The Spring Wardrobe, The Apps That All Bloggers Need and finally The Blogs I’ve Bookmarked.

Lauren The Daydreamer

Now I stumbled across Lauren’s blog from a Twitter DM group, and I fell head over heels in love with her photography and for a while, I was guilty of just looking at her blog for the photography opposed to reading the words that she had written. One day though I decided to read one of her posts fully rather than just skim read it, and holy crap the girl can write. She has a way with words and everything just flows and pulls you in deeper to the post. Some of my favourite posts include: The Ultimate Blogging Camera- Olympus Pen EPL-8, Ending a Relationship, What To Do When You Aren’t In The Mood To Blog and The Reality of Relationships.

The Kitty Luxe

I don’t know when I stumbled across Holly’s blog, it might have been from her Instagram (which is amazing) or just through Bloglovin (where I find a lot of my favourite blogs) and I’m obsessed with Holly’s blog since. I’m still in shock that Holly takes all her blog photos on her phone, they’re literally amazing. Some of my favourite posts from this girl are Rocking Metallic Booties In Camden, Why 2017 Is The Summer to Say “Fuck It” & Embrace Your Body, Why I’m Not Investing In A Proper Blogging Camera as well as The Luxury Products That Have Completely Changed My Skincare Routine.

Martha Jane Edwards

Now I’ve not been reading Martha’s blog for very long but I have had a binge read of her posts. I’ve recently started reading more fashion based blog (since I’m starting to do more fashion related posts myself) and I adore Martha’s posts. Her photography is always perfect and so are the words she writes to accompany them. My favourite posts that Martha has written include; What I Learned From Narrowing My Blog Cliche, 5 Tips For Taking Blog Photos On Holiday, The Difficulty With Treating Mental Health Problems At Universityand Is The Blogosphere Oversaturated?

Life With Livie

Now Livie’s blog is still very new but it’s just as amazing as all the rest on this list. I love the fact that she doesn’t engage in beauty posts and it’s always refreshing whenever she pops up on my Bloglovin feed with a new post. Some of the posts on Livie’s blog that have caught my attention the most include I Have Graduated From Falmouth University, Embracing The Colour Black On A Hot Summers Day, My Favourite Homeware And Stationery Shops and finally A Spring Day In Mylor.

Are there any blogs out there that you are obsessed with currently that I need to read? I’m particularly looking for lifestyle and/or fashion blogs to give a read.

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by my myself on my Olympus Pen E-PL7 in unnatural lighting. They were edited on Photoshop CC2015 and VSCO.

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