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Christmas With Blogosphere

On Saturday 5th November I headed across London to the Strand Gallery for my first ever blogger event! I decided to go to the # Blogosphere Christmas market alone and I think it was the best idea I’ve had, I was free to make new friends and spend the time discussing blogging…something I don’t get to do very often! The event itself was a lot smaller than I was expecting, though I wasn’t sure what to expect at all so I went in pretty open-minded.  I’m quite thankful that it was quite a small event as it meant I wasn’t completely overwhelmed and terrified, I felt very welcomed and everyone was super friendly…although the glass of fizz might also have helped loosen me up slight!

Some of the brands that were displayed included So…? (which took me back to my early teen years and getting changed after PE before smothering myself head to toe in their body sprays…anyone else do that?), 7th Heaven which is a face mask brand I’ve always loved, but I also found out that they do a hair mask as well as nail/cuticle masks…super handy to know. There were also some brands that I hadn’t heard of before including The London Tea Company and it was really nice getting to try some new teas, especially as someone that prefers flavoured tea to a classic brew; along with these guys were Latest In Beauty which are a beauty box where you are able to actually build your own box which means you get to actually pick products you want rather than it being pot luck. Finally there was company called Social Superstore which is the perfect place for bloggers who include links to products in their posts, as if people purchase through their ‘stores’ then they earn a commission…which is especially good for those of us that don’t earn from blogging itself.
As well as meeting brands I was also able to meet other bloggers, especially those that I’d spoken to on twitter a couple of times and was curious to meet, including Sarah, Cathy and Lauren all of which were so lovely and so easy to get along with. I also met a ton of other bloggers towards the end but by this point my brain was failing me so I’m sorry but I can’t remember most of your names…oops. I will include all of the girl’s blog links down below and I highly suggest you go and give them some love.
Over all I highly suggest keeping an eye out for the next Blogosphere event, as they’re extremely welcoming and super relaxed…I know I’ll be getting my ticket for the next one ASAP, and I hope to meet some of you guys there! Pleasure enjoy the selection of photographs from the event below and if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments below!
Love you lots like jelly tots x
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