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Fancy seeing you here

April has arrived and hopefully is going to bring some warmer weather with its arrival. I can’t be the only one that’s bored and fed up with the cold. Wearing cosy clothes and chunky knits just doesn’t seem right now we’re in April…especially since Easter has passed. Did anyone else use to switch to their summer uniform after easter? Gone are the grey skirts and polos, hello gingham dresses and frilly socks. I just want to crack out the couple of cute items I’ve picked up recently, but it just doesn’t feel like it’s going to be possible any time soon.

While I’m not all about the florals (unless they’re Ted Baker florals which I swoon for) I do love the lace and polka dots that Spring 2018 seems to be bringing with it…not to mention all the mustard because it’s one colour that already had a place in my wardrobe from Autumn. While the seasons are changing extremely slowly, the year seems to be zooming past. It’s only a couple of months until I graduate and currently, I have a pair of killer red heels to wear and nothing else…I mean that could create some memorable photos but I probably should really crack on with outfit hunting. I’m currently trying to decide if a jumpsuit or dress is the better idea.

Back at the start of the year, I wrote a post titled Starting Youtube, Turning 21 And Traveling More which was a set of goals for 2018…so far I’ve only achieved turning 21. While I have travelled more it’s been to locations I’ve visited previously…but they’ve seen been great trips none the less. I put off Youtube for a while since I had my dissertation due in March and still have 2 essays to write before the end of April but I’ll get there, but it is something I’d like to explore slightly in the coming months and see whether or not it’s for me. Although I do think there’s a change I’ll just stick to blogging.

Instead of trying to complete these goals still at the start of the year, I’ve decided to create some goals for myself to undertake in Spring. After all, I’m nearly done with university and soon it’ll be time to step into the big wide world…so it’s time to put on my big girl pants. Before I do though, there are a handful of things I’d like to achieve and plan on working my butt off to do so.


If you’re new to my blog then you might not know the little fact about me that I’m actually part of my universities rowing team…although I’m more social cling on than rower. Between my workload at university and maintaining my blog, I just haven’t had the time to actually attending training this year…I actually miss the 5 am wake ups. Now my dissertation is handed in and so will be my last 2 essays soon, I want to go back to training and make the most of my last couple months as a member of the team. The R.U.R.C crew aren’t just a crew they’re like a family…a very dysfunctional and drunk family…but family none the less. It’s been weird not seeing their grumpy “I’ve only had 3 hours sleep” faces in the morning…and then all trotting off for breakfast together after training finished.

I also miss how shapely it kept my legs…since I’ve stopped rowing my thighs have become less toned and I’ve just become a bit of a blob. I don’t like going to the gym or 10k ergs but the latter is still better but rowing is a great way to stay in shape…with the occasional swim included if you capsize. I’m also hoping that rowing will help with another of my goals for Spring…and if you want to know what that is you’ll have to keep reading.


I know, I know I’ve pretty much abandoned my blog for February and March but I had to prioritise university for once. Yes, I know the rule is quality over quantity but I hated not producing at least 2 posts a week. I’ve ended up with all these ideas in my head and no idea where to start. While I do still have 2 essays to submit do I need to mention that again? I’m determined to get back to posting every Wednesday and Sunday at least, with the possibility of also posting on Fridays. I love blogging and I’m coming up to 2 years of running Aesthetic Obsessed and it’s honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done. Not only have I met some amazing people, received awesome opportunities but I’ve also grown as a person. As well as finding a creative outlet now that I struggle with dancing.

You can bet that I’m coming back stronger and with better content than ever. I’m going to constantly be improving my photography and writing skills, planning ideas in advance and staying ahead of my post schedule. I’m going to bring Aesthetic Obsessed back from a temporary grave.


I’m not a morning person, no way in hell. I’d like to be one though, on the occasions that I do wake up before 10 am I find I can get so much more done during the day than if I let myself sleep in. While I am at my most productive by mid-afternoon…it doesn’t mean I can’t get up early, have breakfast and do any admin or just have some time to myself until my productive side kicks in. Going back to rowing is going to force me to be up at 5 am, two mornings a week…but I’d like to be up at 8 am the rest of the week and ready to get stuff done but 10. That should give me plenty of time to have breakfast, scroll through my phone for a bit and get ready.

When I was in college I used to leave the house by 7:45 am and wouldn’t get home until 9:30 pm most days and that’s what I want to be like again. Working from home has meant that I’ve lost a lot of my schedule and routine that was in my life and I miss it. I love having a routine to my life and hopefully, I can get one back on track and start working more in coffee shops and different locations although I am currently typing this in bed…but I’m at the end of a nasty cold so that’s okay. Find new locations that inspire new ideas and posts. I’m tempted to do a post on my journey to becoming a morning person, so if you’d be interested in giving that a read then let me know.



I’m always tempted to download an app that tells me how long I spend on my phone every day just scrolling through social media we all know I’m terrible at actually posting but great at scrolling but I know I’d be shocked and horrified. I recently bought a Nintendo Switch I’ve been spending quite a bit of time playing that…which I suppose is better than scrolling through social media and feeling ashamed, scared or just confused about life. One thing I want to do though is arranging to see friends more often, I feel like I don’t spend as much time as I would like with friends and I’ve lost contact completely with a lot of the friends I had in school. I think one more attempt is in order to re-form these bonds before I go through my phone and delete their number for good.

There’s always the promises to meet up whenever I’m home for the holidays, but nothing ends up materialising and instead, I find myself excited to go back to university just to have people nearby that I can hang out with whenever. It’s slightly saddening but it’s the reality of going to a different college from your school friends followed by a university in a different city. Let’s not forget the anxiety that you’re always annoying people when you text them to make plans as well.

I’ve done several ‘goal’ posts during my time blogging but I never actually update you with how they went…I’m going to attempt to give you an update around mid-June as to how things have gone. I think all of these are really quite realistic and should be easy enough to achieve. Also if anyone fancies a trip to Brighton hit me up…I’m dying to take a weekend trip there but haven’t found anyone to go with! Not only will it help with 2 of my goals, but it’d also be great fun.

Do you have any goals for the Spring?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by my mum on my Olympus Pen E-PL7 in natural lighting. They were then edited on Photoshop CC 2015 and VSCO.
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