August Goals

“What keeps me going is my goals”
-Muhammad Ali

First of all, where did July go? Second, of all, I thought it was meant to be August…why is it raining as I’m writing this? Now I love the rain, I really do and it’s a nice welcome after spending a week in Turkey during July and ending up burnt to a crisp, but it’ll be nice to have a few more sunny days before autumn draws in.

Now I’m someone who loves to set myself goals and I actually wrote a guest post this month over on itsallzara, where I briefly spoke about a couple of my current goals. I’m always creating new goals for myself. Sometimes they’re something small such as remembering to drink enough water, and other times they’re bigger like trying to wake up earlier in the day (I’m certainly not a morning person…Sam struggles to wake me up most mornings).

While I don’t like getting up in the morning I do like to be an organised person, I write everything I have planned into my agenda…even down to when I’m seeing Sam or when I’m going to visit friends or family. I did at one point also use my agenda to track my blog posts…until I started doing it on a word document instead. I’m someone that loves to be busy, but also enjoys days of just relaxing in bed…but despite this, I rarely actually make a to-do list and instead I set goals of what I want to achieve.

Prepare for blogtober

Last year I didn’t even know Blogtober was a thing, nor do I think I would have been prepared to blog daily…I mean I only got 2 posts up let along October which isn’t even one a week let alone one every day. Since I failed to blog every day in May due to lack of preparation, I’m going to start writing posts ready for Blogtober, and probably Blogmas as well. I’m already excited for Christmas so I might start planning some posts ready to start writing in October.

Reach 20k page views

Obviously page views aren’t the be all and end all of blogging, however, it does feel amazing when you reach a goal you’ve been striving for. Since I started to take blogging more seriously, I’ve seen my page views improve dramatically and it makes me extremely happy that has happened and I’m under 2000 away from hitting 20k total views. I’m kind of got my fingers crossed that it happens by the end of August since that would be absolutely amazing.

Create a date jar

Sam and I love going on dates together…as well as having cosy evenings in together, but I thought it’d be a fun idea to create a date jar according to our budget. Not only is this a great way for us to always have a selection of ideas on hand but they’d also be appropriate for working on a budget, or having a splurge. I want to create 2 so that we have one at Sam’s place but also one at mine for when I return to university in a few weeks.

Visit Debra & Izzy

Debra and Izzy are two of my best friends in the whole wide world, but because of the distance, I don’t get to see them too often. While I’m in London it is not only cheaper but easier to visit, but I’m determined to get up and visit them both at some point before I go back to university. It feels like forever since I’ve seen these two, I’m missing my two amigos.

Take a trip to Brighton

Since I’ve been living back in Portsmouth for the summer I’ve wanted to take a trip down to Brighton for the day. Despite living so close to Brighton I’ve only ever actually visited the place twice, but I have fallen head over heels in love with the seaside town. Plus I’m dying to do an outfit shoot in the bandstand, as well as down on Brighton Pier. Not to mention I want to try Boho Gelato since Zoe (aka Zoella) is always mentioning.

Listen to more podcasts

Since I’m trying to write more than one blog post a day, I’ve also been trying to cut down on the amount of Netflix and Youtube I watch and instead I’m listening to podcasts while writing. While I have been listening to ‘My Favourite Murder’ for a while now I’m trying to listen to more and I’ve recently started listening to ‘At Home With’ and ‘Lore’ but I’m always scrolling through to find new interesting podcasts to put on.

Improve my photography

I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a new camera, the Olympus E-PL7 with the 45mm lens to be exact and I already feel like my photography has improved in my two latest posts. I’ve also started to use photoshop to edit my photographs and then just using VSCO to apply a filter if I want to, or if I’m editing on the go and don’t have my laptop to hand. Now I just need to get back into using props within my photographs.

Wake up earlier

Now I mentioned that Sam is a morning person which means he’s often awake between 7 and 8 am, meanwhile I’m used to not getting up until 10 am. Whenever I do wake up early I feel like I have so much more time and I don’t have to rush as much to get stuff done, plus I get to enjoy breakfast at a normal time rather than it turning more into brunch. I’ve been trying to wake up slightly early at 9 am every day, and some days are more successful than others but hopefully, it’ll get easier once I’m back at university.

I love setting myself goals and I feel like all of the ones I’ve set myself for August are easily achievable as long as I stay committed to them. I think I am going to add another item to my giveaway (which you can enter here) if I hit 20k page views by the end of August.

What are the main goals you’ve set for youself this month?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by my myself on my Olympus Pen E-PL7 in unnatural lighting. They were edited on Photoshop CC2015 and VSCO.

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