Are Teens Growing Up Too Fast?

“I’m sixteen years old, I’m not a child anymore” -Ariel

When I was younger (14,15,16) I’d never have dreamt of posting anything personal on the internet, I didn’t even post pictures of myself on public accounts that often but there’s recently been a surge of a younger generation of YouTubers and Bloggers and it makes me extremely concerned that it’s causing them to grow up too quickly. Just the other day I was scrolling through my Twitter where I saw a tweet from one sixteen-year-old YouTuber about guys sleeping around and not being faithful and I was honestly in shock. Sure I talk about sex and dating on my blog but I’m twenty-year-old grown adult, at sixteen you’re barely the age of consent to be having sex, and I know that personally when I was sixteen I was more concentrated on school and my studies than guys. Personally, I’d blame the media (especially the music industry) for how incredibly sexual it has become over recent years as well as fifteen-year-olds being about to watch films such as Fifty Shades of Grey in the cinema, and anyone that has read the books know they are not much better than erotica…if anything they’re worse because they show an abusive relationship which those fifteen years old is going to think is normal.


I have a sixteen-year-old niece and it would make me extremely uncomfortable if she wore the amount of makeup they do on the daily basis, especially since she is quite tall as well therefore if she wore a full face of makeup she would undoubtedly look older than she actually is. This could lead to issue with guys thinking she is older than she is and leading to a twenty-year-old hitting on her without realising just how young she is and that personally makes me extremely uncomfortable because she’s still a child! Her mother is still responsible for her, she is unable to leave the country without an accompanying adult, she doesn’t have a credit score, she is unable to purchase alcohol or cigarettes, she isn’t even old enough to drive…these are all things that are associated with being an adult. So why should she be able to look like an adult when she isn’t one? Sure makeup is fun to play around with, go ahead have fun, wear it for special events just don’t get yourself into any situations, especially ones which involve ‘catfishing’ an older guy…even being sixteen and having sex with someone that is eighteen could land him in jail and on the list of sex offenders if things go sour…he is a grown adult and you are a child (it also works with females about eighteen sleeping with someone under eighteen).

The fact that these young YouTubers and Bloggers are often applying a hell of a lot more makeup than they need, it actually makes me rather uncomfortable, I didn’t personally get interested into makeup until just before I turned seventeen. Sure I’d played around with my Mum’s makeup before then but I didn’t start to build my collection until I was seventeen, and even then I didn’t feel like I ever HAD to wear it I was more than comfortable to go out in public with not even a hint of mascara on. The fact that many of the teens that can be found on the internet have large makeup collections than some grown women do, often full of high-end products, makes me wonder if they’re competing to have the ‘best’ collection and how on earth they can afford to fund it. My first high-end purchase was a MAC powder which I bought to wear for my prom, and then I don’t think I bought anything else high-end until I was nearly nineteen because there was no way on earth I could afford it. So okay maybe they get things sent to them through PR but that still doesn’t mean they need to wear all of it at once, but I think the fact that we are in the age of social media and people such as the Kardashians which are never seen not looking mildly glamorous without a full face of makeup.

TV shows such as Geordie show a party lifestyle in almost a glamorous light, and I remember when I was in secondary school there was a group of people that would party on a regular basis, as well as sleeping around. Now I’m all about a girl being sexually empowered and sleeping with whoever she wants but doing it when she’s only sixteen or seventeen? That’s not completely right, she still a child and isn’t fully educated on sex (let’s be honest sex education in school is absolute shit) and this is leading to STIs being spread rapidly and teenage pregnancies. I personally didn’t become sexually active until I was nineteen and it isn’t something I regret because I waited until I was completely ready and felt mature enough to start having sex, obviously some people are going to be ready earlier while some people will be ready later, the important thing is that you are completely ready though. You need to be comfortable discussing sex with your partner, going to a sexual health clinic to get protection and regular STI checks, as well as being secure enough in yourself. If you’re under eighteen

If you’re reading this and you’re under eighteen then please make the most of your youth, because being an adult isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, trust me one day you’ll wish you had minimal responsibilities. I’m nearly 20 and theres still Twenty Things Before Twenty I want to achieve. I wanted nothing more than to grow up when I was younger but it really is a trap, sure there are some perks to it but you’ll discover them when you’re an adult.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post to what I would normally make, but do you think teenagers are growing up too quickly? If so who would you say was the main cause of it?

Love you lots like jelly tots x

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