Another Fine Day In London Town

Feeding my infatuation of this town

Credit to Dave Giles for his song ‘Another fine day’ which helped me to come up with the inspiration for this blog post all about London. So if you’re new to reading my blog then you might not know I’ve been living in London since September 2015 (with the exception of the summer holidays when I move back to my little hometown) but during that time I have discovered some rather cute places in which I like to spend my time. A majority of them are free to access…student budget and all that…and can easily be found. London is full of amazing spots if you just know where exactly to look, hours of exploring has given me that power. All of these places are located between zone 1 & 3 (particularly in South West London since that is the area in which I live)

London never fails to amaze me with how beautiful it is and the fact that it is constantly changing and looks so very different during the day to what it does at night, and I have to admit that the London skyline during the night is one of my favourite views I think I’ve ever seen. I love nothing more than taking a book, finding a little coffee shop along the river somewhere and just sitting there all day until the sun starts to set at which point I head out for a walk along the Thames and take in everything that is going on around me. This is especially fun to do along the South Bank as you can stop and watch one of the many street performers that often find their home there.

I very much love London, despite the fact that I am a countryside girl at heart, but the hustle and bustle of the city just excite and intrigues me so very much. It never fails to give me a sense of adventure and fill me with a child-like wonder~ particularly when I explore somewhere new…you never know what could be lurking around the corner. It’s not just London I love exploring, I just love a good adventure and if you want to know more then this Travel Tag post is for you.


I Love London Town

One place that has a special spot in my heart is Covent Garden Piazza, it’s one of the first places in London I fell in love in when I used to come up every few months with my Mum. I’d always insist on us going to Covent Garden and even now I always find myself drawn back to it. I just love the fact that there are always street performers lurking, multiple different cafes (some mainstream while others are independent) plus you have multiple different makeup stores. A top tip I have though is to get off the tube at Leicester Square and walk up through…especially if you’re visiting on the weekend as Covent Garden station can get incredibly busy and hectic. There are many other places that are still on my to-visit list including the Sky Garden, The Olympic Park, London Zoo and I’d love to experience the view of London from the London Eye.

London never fails to look breathtaking whether it’s sunny, raining or snowing (I’m yet to personally experience London in the snow myself although I have seen photographs of it, though). Another place I can never resist a trip to is South Kensington in which I will take a trip to the Natural History Museum or The Victoria & Albert Museum, and in every visit, I will discover something new that I didn’t spot last time. Despite having walked past the Tate Modern multiple time I cannot bring myself to take a trip inside since I have my own personal opinion and that is closer collated with the world that can be found in the National Portrait Gallery. Although if you’re more open-minded than what I am then you might enjoy a trip to the Tate Modern…if not there are many other museums that London has to offer. Now if you’re looking for something more sophisticated I’d definitely suggest a trip up the Shard, you can access the Aqua Shard for free (which is on the 32nd floor) or pay £15.50+ to reach The View from The Shard which is on the 69th floor. I’ve only ever been up to the Aqua Shard and every time it takes my breath away…with both the view and the price of drinks! I think the view is slightly better between dusk and night, but that’s just my personal opinion.


Love you lots like jelly tots x


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