Well here’s my advice: have a little faith and if that doesn’t work, a lot of mimosas.” -Blair Waldorf

With a career in social media & marketing, Alicia wasn’t always the blogger that loves to pose in a cute outfit and discuss all things lifestyle, beauty and fashion. Just a few months ago, I was studying for a BA hons in Dance, trying to figure out if I really could take on the dance industry. I now have my degree but after 2 years of blogging I knew I wanted to delve more into the world of marketing and social media.

I primarily started up Aesthetic Obsessed as a place where I could ramble about my favourite beauty products and other things that people might find interesting, although it was first my personal space within the internet and it still is. Sure there are people that I gain inspiration from but AO is mine and nobody can take it from me or influence what I decide to write about. Currently my blog is just a hobby of mine, which is why sometimes I post super regularly, and other times I don’t blog for months on end.

When I am able to find the spare time to write, you’ll often find me in my soft office bed with my fairy lights on and obviously a good cup of tea…or even a hot chocolate if I’m really feeling fancy.

I might seem really chilled and relax when in reality I’m a total stress head, I stress about things before there is even anything to actually stress about (not one of my finest qualities) and stress often leads to me shopping which leads to hauls…which means technically I’m being productive right?

I will always try to reply to any comments you leave, and if you want to contact me directly you can do that through Twitter or just drop me an email (alicia@aestheticobsessed.co.uk) your kind words are one of the reasons I’m so happy within the blogging community. I’ve been very lucky to escape any hate or people that don’t seem to support my blog for whatever reason!

If you wish to work with me then check out my contact and disclosure pages.