A Mid-Year Review

How is it July?

We’re speeding through the year

Am I the only one that feels like 2018 is just running away from me? I always seem to have so much to do but absolutely no time to get everything done. Despite the fact we are only in July I already feel like so much has changed in the past 6 and a half months and I’m hopefully starting to get a bit more stability and consistency into my life…something that has pretty much been lacking the whole time I’ve been in uni. While I obviously had a timetable for my classes, it changed every term and I had a lot of spare time which was spent either blogging, writing essays or seeing friends and now I spend my week working and spend the weekends with Sam. Obviously I do other things other than just that but they’re two things that happen constantly.

While I may have already achieved so much this year, there’s still plenty of time to achieve more and I’m sure I’ll do another Looking Back post once the new year rolls around…which I’m sure it will a lot quicker than we expect it to.

I’m not going to lie I haven’t been the most consistent blogger this year but it’s something I’m trying to change and now I’m finally into the swing of things at work I can start putting more effort back into my blog and bring it back to where it was at the start of the year. I am however not ashamed of any of the content I have put up in the past few months, I’ve very much put quality over quantity which is something I’ve always aimed to do…the quality has just gotten a lot better recently.


I bid a farewell to 2017 and welcomed in 2018 with a very special person by my side and honestly it’s set the perfect tone for 2018 so far. January saw me turn 21, and I began to write my dissertation and start the countdown to leaving uni. It was a very weird month, things just seemed to change but for the better. I also started to earn some pocket money from my blog which was very nice and felt like all my hard work was finally paying off. I was determined to come into 2018 positive and stop letting the little things get to me so much, I was fed up of being seen a weak and not really able of graduating and getting a good job.


I got to celebrate valentines for the first time in my life! February wasn’t a very dramatic month for me, it consisted of mainly essay writing, dissertation writing and stress. One highlight was that I got to celebrate valentines to the first time ever and while it was a low key evening it was absolutely perfect. February is such a short month that it’s hard to pin point a lot that happened, but I did get to visit a spa for the first time ever and the Radisson Blu Edwardian with Spa Seekers was an absolutely amazing experience. A lot of firsts seemed to happen for me in February.


Dissertation deadlines roll around a lot quicker than you think, and it was almost time to start applying for jobs ready for when I left uni. March saw me start to focus on uni a lot more and my blog went on the back burner for a bit…but was never forgotten. Life just got a bit crazy and hectic in March and looking back I’m not even quite sure how, but it did. I also got the chance to attend the launch of Revolution Pro accompanied with some of my best blogging friends, and like always Adam and team Revolution know how to throw an amazing event.



April was full of deadlines and saw me hand in my last ever essays at uni…I was officially free. So I did the logically thing and started apply for jobs. Of course I did the slightly less sensible thing of apply for marketing jobs when I’d just spent 3 years working towards a degree in dance. Having been running my blog for nearly 2 years though, I loved the social media side, the networking and coming up with marketing campaigns…not that I’ve ever actually done one for my blog. I must have applied to 50+ jobs in April because I was determined to walk out of uni with a job.


More job applications, a chance to focus on my blog, a holiday booked and scoring my dream job. May was a pretty busy month for me. After even more job applications I had my first telephone interview for my dream job, which somehow survived and shortly after I was invited for a face to face interview. So instead of partying at my dancers ball I jumped on a train once the main event was over ready to head to Stockbridge. How the hell I managed to land this job I’m still not sure on, but I did. Out of everyone that applied, I was chosen and I was super excited to get started.


I waved goodbye to Roehampton through my last summer ball, jumped on a plane and spent a week in Sisi, Crete before I started working full time. Now I’d previously working a zero hours contract in hospitality so I was absolutely buzzing to be starting a full time job, especially as I get to work from home which is pretty ideal for me. In June I pushed through my anxiety more and was able to complete a video call, as well as telephone calls with complete strangers. Honestly it felt absolutely amazing to do so.


So since it’s nearly the end of July I might as well share a little review of what I’ve done so far this month. I went on my first ever work related trip and spent 2 days with the rest of the team…even presented to them just a couple of hours after meeting them. I was absolutely shitting myself. I celebrated my anniversary with Sam which is crazy to think that he’s been in my life a year and that we’ve been a little team for the past year. Then in a couple of days I’ll be walking across the stage of the Royal Festival Hall with my cap and gown on, shaking the hand of Jacquline Wilson and officially be a graduate. Shortly followed by a lot of prosecco.

It’s crazy how much has happened in such a short time, I’ve gone from being a student not really doing a lot with my time to being a working woman in a job I absolutely adore. I’m excited to see what the rest of the year has to come and I hope it’s all as amazing as the start has been. Obviously I’ve had difficult times in the past months but I wanted to focus on the positive as there’s no point dwelling on the negatives. I already feel like I’ve grown and developed so much but I still have so much more room to grown and I’m honestly excited to see where my new job is going to take me and what other new skills I’m going to learn from it.

What have you been up to in 2018?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by Sarah on a Canon 70D with 35 Sigma Art Lens. They were then edited on Lightroom CC.
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