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Fresh like a spring morning

March was a crazy busy month for me, between social events and university work I didn’t have much time for my blog and cut my posts down to once a week despite having ideas pouring out of my brain like crazy. Now April has arrived and I only have 2 essays to write, suddenly I have no motivation to blog and I don’t know if it’s because of reasons I spoke about in my Feeling Left Behind post or if it’s because I’m currently feeling knackered and full of cold.

I’ve got a few posts written, but they need photographs and one thing I don’t have the energy to do is get all ready to go prance about in cute outfits for an hour or two…especially as all it’s done the past couple of weeks is rain. Now while I might not be able to hit publish on these posts, I have been trying out some new makeup goodies that I’ve recently added to my collection and I thought I’d share them. Some of these I’ve been using for a while, while others have barely been in my collection a couple of weeks.

Something that spurred me on to create this post was the fact that I travelled home for Easter and therefore couldn’t bring my whole makeup collection, and instead I only packed the items I always find myself reaching for, plus a couple of others I want to try and rotate into my everyday routine. Although don’t be fooled, I wear makeup maybe 2 or 3 days a week because I don’t have the energy to do a full face every day…nor I do I have the urge to. Yes, I love playing around with makeup and collecting it but that doesn’t mean I have to use it every day although I probably should to get my monies worth.

I’m lucky enough to have quite a reasonable sized makeup collection thanks to blogging (although a lot of it I have purchased with my own money) which means I can quite easily switch products in and out depending on my mood, the season or just the kind of look I fancy. The items featured in this post are those that I use to create a fresh, spring look that’s natural but not quite a ‘no makeup, makeup look’.


I’ve had this foundation in my collection for a couple of months and I always find myself reaching for it. It’s a medium to full coverage but doesn’t look cakey nor do I find it oxidises dramatically. I mentioned it in my Winter Makeup Edit and I’ve literally fallen in love with it. It’s taken over the top spot of my Revlon Colorstay…which if you’ve been reading my blog for a while know that was my go-to foundation. The only issue I have with this foundation is that I can’t find THE PERFECT shade for my skin, but it’s nothing I can’t fix with some lightening drops or combine two shades together. While I do have typically dry skin I don’t find this clings to dry patches or makes my skin look terrible, despite it being a semi-matte finish (or at least it’s semi-matte on me).


This is the newest item in my makeup collection, after seeing lots of my favourite bloggers receive gorgeous PR packages from Pixi I was tempted into trying the brand. I’d been eyeing this highlighter up for a while and when I spotted it in my local TKMaxx I just couldn’t resist. Now I adore highlighter and love the glazed doughnut look, and with a couple of layers, this highlight reaches that level. It can also be toned down to a more natural and subtle glow. When it comes to highlights I don’t typically go outside of Revolution branded highlights…I’m so glad I did though because this beauty is stunning.



I picked this palette up back before Christmas when Urban Decay was selling it for just under £18, a girl just couldn’t resist. Urban Decay is a brand I rate completely for their eyeshadows and I’m yet to venture beyond that, although I really should. I love this palette for travelling since it’s full of different matte shades which all make the perfect shades to just run through the crease to add a bit of definition. I tend to play around with the colour in my crease more so than the colour on my lid, therefore carrying this and several individual shimmer shadows don’t bother me in the slightest because I don’t find this palette too bulky and it seems to be pretty sturdy so far. This palette isn’t just perfect for Spring…but all year round.


Speaking of individual eyeshadows, the Colourpop Super Shock is probably some of the best on the market…even if it does break your bank account in customs fees. They’re all such stunning shades and all of the ones I’ve tried so far have been extremely creamy and highly pigmented. They do need a good base though in order to stay put throughout the day, but nothing a decent concealer or dedicated primer couldn’t solve. I just wish these were easy to get hold of.


REVOLUTION HAVE DONE IT YET AGAIN. I remember purchasing items from the brand nearly 4 years ago (some of which I still have in my collection…oops) but now they’ve had a complete revamp! When I saw the packaging for this liquid lipstick it instantly made me think of the YSL ones…without the hefty price tag. This shade I’d describe as a warm peachy browny nude I suck at describing shades but I absolutely love the formula of these, they’re comfortable and I don’t find my lips getting too dried out…not to mention they last ALL DAY. Even with eating and drinking. You can bet I’ll be picking up more colours as soon as I can find them instore.


My pride and joy. Velvet Teddy is a lip colour that never fails me, I always get compliments whenever I wear it. While it does dry my lips out quite a bit I just can’t get enough of it. This is one product that I’ve been using for years and will continue to use for years to come…it is quite literally my perfect nude shade. One thing I am gutted about is that it’s gone up but £2 since I last purchased it! I mean I can get a lipstick from some places for that price increase…I mean come on MAC stop raising the prices of your lipsticks every year. You’re good but soon you’ll be charging more than the brands of a similar quality.

While I have products that are my ride and die, I always love mixing it up. I’m always scared of ending up with products gathering dust because I’ve forgotten about them and not used them…after all makeup isn’t cheap. That being said I think I’ll always stick to a foundation I know is reliable (even if I do love testing new ones out) as well as having a trusty nude lipstick I can always rely on to make me look and feel confident af.

What’s one product you’re trying out for Spring?

Love you lots like jelly tots x


All photos within this post were taken by my myself on my Olympus Pen E-PL7 in unnatural lighting. They were then edited on Photoshop CC 2015 and VSCO.
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