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    The One-Off Beauty Box You Need

    Beauty boxes, I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept and have most likely read several blog posts featuring the likes of Birchbox, Glossy box as well as the standard Latest In Beauty boxes. I, however, am more a fan of the one-off limited edition boxes.


    I’m A Fashion Blogger That Hates Shopping

    I’m 5 foot 2, F cup chest and thick thighs…all of that makes shopping very stressful, to the point sometimes I don’t even want to go shopping or I end up returning every single item I ordered. This, in turn, leaves me stressed that I’m not going to be able to create any fashion content for a long period of time


    One Palette To Rule Them All

    A couple of weeks ago I was shopping in Next and spotted their makeup range and I’m all for clothing brands bringing out collections. Some of my favourite products are from New Look and Primark, so of course I wanted to pick up a couple items to give a try…even more tempting was that they were 3 for 2.


    The Spring Essential: Checked Blazer

    Layers, layers, layers. While it is apparently springtime…layers are still very much a necessity. As soon as the sun disappears behind a cloud it’s freezing cold and feels like November all over again. Talking of November I think it’s when I first saw checked blazers make an appearance.


    Unsolicited Dick Pics, Catfishes & Happily Dating Afters

    But let’s not forget that there’s always that fear in the pit of our stomach before a first date. With when it comes to the many free dating apps and websites available it’s rare that you have previously met your date. Sometimes you agree to go on a date with someone only to discover they’re older than they said, chain smoker and don’t know any manners and you want to run screaming for the hills.


    Back To Rowing, Blogging More & Other Goals For Spring

    April has arrived and hopefully is going to bring some warmer weather with its arrival. I can’t be the only one that’s bored and fed up with the cold. Wearing cosy clothes and chunky knits just doesn’t seem right now we’re in April…especially since Easter has passed.


    6 Key Products In My Makeup Bag | Spring 2018

    While I have products that are my ride and die, I always love mixing it up. I’m always scared of ending up with products gathering dust because I’ve forgotten about them and not used them…after all makeup isn’t cheap. That being said I think I’ll always stick to a foundation I know is reliable (even if I do love testing new ones out) as well as having a trusty nude lipstick I can always rely on to make me look and feel confident af.

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