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    Taking More Time For Myself

    Dissertation. Exams. Social events. Presentations. Nobody warns you how busy you’re going to be in third year…specifically in your last couple of terms of your entire university career. Honestly, I wasn’t prepared at all and while I only have 3 classes a week I still find myself struggling to do everything I want.


    Feeling Left Behind

    May 2018 will mark 2 years since the creation of Aesthetic Obsessed and while it began as a hobby over the past couple of years I’ve fallen in love with everything to do with blogging well other than scheduling tweets and now I’m going to the end of my degree in dance…I have 2 weeks before my dissertation deadline, I’m questioning as to what to do after university.


    Weight Gain And Remaining Confident

    Body confidence is something we all have to learn, weight gain happens whether it’s intentional or a snackicdent but I think how you approach a weight gain can really speak to a persons’ character. While I initially freaked out, I’ve now come to terms with it and probably feel the most confidence I have in a while.

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