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    My Favourite Season: Autumn

    Cosy jumpers, hot chocolate and rainy days in bed it’s the dream life. Just about every blogger out there loves autumn in some way our shape, and I’m including myself in that group.


    Meet My Advertisers: September

    For September I decided to start offering advertising packages in order to allow other blogs or brands to advertise on my blog for a small fee (literally small my prices start at £1).


    Christmas In September | Zoella Winter Wonderland

    Snow is falling all around me…well okay more like rain since obviously it’s England and we rarely get snow. However, I was lucky enough to win two tickets to the Zoella Winter Wonderland in London…where there was an inflatable snow globe, so I did get the chance to feel like it was snowing.


    My Music Guide To Surviving University

    I’ve recently moved back to university in order to start my third and final year as an undergraduate, and I have to say the time has gone so very quickly it’s insane. What is even crazier that music that was the soundtrack to my freshers week is now becoming less and less played…well until I get hold of the aux cable anyway.

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    Learn To Love Shaving Again – FFS

    You know that dolphin like feeling you get from a really good shave with a brand new razor? Well with Friction Free Shaving you can have that feeling every time for as little as £5 a month.


    Pinterest Vomited On My Room

    I think it’s safe to say I spent way too much time pinning things to my Bedroom Dreams board on Pinterest that now my room has been re-decorated it literally looks like Pinterest has just vo

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