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    Is Online Dating Replacing Traditional Dating

    I’ve always favoured online dating over traditional dating and I’m no stranger to going on a Tinder date or two…


    What I Packed For Turkey

    While it was only a couple of months ago that I was heading off to Croatia to soak up the sunshine and bond with my rowing team (which you can read about here), I’m now currently in Turkey.


    50 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked

    I’ve seen this post popping up on several people’s blogs and youtube channels and I decided to join the hype.


    5 Things You Need To Try From The Drugstore

    I absolutely adore going into Superdrug or Boots and seeing what new products are in. I also adore splurging on high-end products…but we aren’t going to talk about that, instead I’ve curated a list of 5 items you need to try from the drugstore.


    A Late Lunch at Mozzarella Joes

    Now Mozzarella Joes has been located next to the Southsea Rowing Club for several years now but I normally tend to go to one of the huts to grab some fish and chips or cheesy chips


    The Reasons I Think Was Single

    I’ve been single for over 6 months now, after my first serious relationship came to an end and I experienced my first heartbreak.

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