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    40 Blog Post Ideas

    We all have them moments, it’s the day before we are due to have a new post go live and we have zero ideas, I would describe the experience to be similar to going on a date with someone new but having no idea what to wear.


    Spring Makeup Picks

    So I don’t know about anyone else but I love changing my makeup depending on the season, berry tones are autumnal, red is wintery, pastels are spring and brights are summery.


    Tinder Date Tales

    I’m no stranger to Tinder and I’ve had more than my fair few dates some of which were more successful than others so I decided to share them with you all!


    What’s In My Bag

    If you’ve been following my blog a while then you’ll have seen my last what’s in my bag post, back last July however, the bag I use and the contents within has changed


    Love Yourself – Artemis & Xena Box Review

    So I was recently contacted by Artemis & Xena in regards to reviewing one of the boxes they had created, and when I received it the other day I was completely blown away by the contents within. The ‘theme’ for this box was ‘love yourself’* and with the products enclosed everything was pulled together successfully.

    Another Fine Day In London Town

    Credit to Dave Giles for his song ‘Another fine day’ which helped me to come up with the inspiration for this blog post.


    Are Teens Growing Up Too Fast?

    When I was younger (14,15,16) I’d never have dreamt of posting anything personal on the internet


    Tale As Old As Time | Beauty And The Beast

    So if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you’d know that I attended the Latest In Beauty launch on the 2nd March for their Beauty and Beast boxes

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