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    Looking Back On 2017

    I find it hard to believe we’ve reached the end of 2017. I’ve been in a relationship nearly 6 months now, I’m only 4 months away from finishing my degree. How has the time gone so quickly?


    1 Cozy Christmas Eve

    Can you believe that we’re only one sleep away from Christmas? I swear this month has just flown by and I feel so underprepared…even though I know I’m sorted…at least I hope I am. I don’t think I’ll ever feel fully prepared for Christmas, even though I’ve had more than a fair few Christmas in life.


    2 Christmas Day Outfits

    I can’t believe how quickly December has gone already…it’s literally just over a week until we start 2018. Before that, though is Christmas Day, I’m actually starting to get excited about the day better late than never. I’m also getting exciting to dress up for the day, this year we are heading to my sister’s for Christmas dinner, which is obviously an excuse to put on a nice outfit


    3 Of My Favourite Blogmas Posts

    It’s December 22nd…that means I’ve read 22 days worth of Blogmas content from quite a few bloggers, and while I’ll admit I haven’t read every single post by every single blogger. There are however a handful of bloggers whose posts I have read every read every single day, and actually wait around for the posts to go live.


    4 Christmas Films To Watch

    We’re creeping ever so slowly closer to Christmas morning, and while in past years I would start watching Christmas films from the 1st of December…this year I haven’t watched a single one yet! I know I’m shocked at myself as well. While this year I’ve been watching more TV Christmas Specials especially Gavin & Stacey, Call The Midwife and Dr. Who Christmas films never fail to put me in the Christmas spirit…something I’m seriously lacking this year.


    5 Christmas Makeup Essentials

    So while I haven’t been to a crazy amount of Christmas parties, I do still love to play around with my makeup and create looks that I might just get to actually wear to a party at some point although it’s only 5 days until the big day…so not very likely. That doesn’t mean I don’t need to have several makeup products that I can count on to create a look that is going to last through a day of Christmas present delivery…or last minute shopping. Although I think I have everyone’s presents already.


    Prepped And Primed For The Party Season

    The party season is very much upon us and while I haven’t attended many Christmas parties, the ones that I have…let’s just say I’ve not been prepared for. Last minute outfit shopping, dry shaving legs and applying makeup on the train yes my life has been a busy one recently


    New Year, New Bullet Journal

    It’s December which means it’s not long until 2018 rolls around, which is a fresh start so I’m making the most of it. If you’ve been reading my blog since it started you’ll know that I went through a stage of using a bullet journal (I did a post about it Time To Get Organised), but it just wasn’t suitable for my daily needs and I didn’t have enough time to draw out layouts


    The Perfect Gift With Magnitone*

    Christmas morning is creeping ever closer and I know I’ve not yet finished my Christmas shopping, so if you’re completely finished then I take my hat off to you. Being someone that is very keen on skincare and pampering myself I love to give gifts I know I’d enjoy receiving or something they’ve specifically asked for.

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