Hyde Park

Just A Little Catch Up

Grab a cuppa and let’s have a catch up. I’m normally so good at posting regularly on my blog that when I don’t get at least one post up a week I feel guilty and almost like I’ve failed as a blogger.

South Kensington, London

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before University

These past 3 years have been a roller coaster ride, I spent first years partying and in denial of struggling with depression until I finally went on medication before starting my blog that summer. Fast forward two years later I’m off my medication and have been for the whole the third year, I’ve gotten grades to be proud of and I’m walking out of uni with my dream job…although it’s not related to my degree in the slightest!

Hyde Park, London

Why The Jumpsuit Is A Wardrobe Staple Of Mine

The sun has arrived, I’m wrapping up my last few weeks of university and then I’ll be jetting off for a week in Crete. There’s only one type of clothing that can see me through all the coming weeks…the trusty jumpsuit. It seems as though the shops have twigged on that use girls love our jumpsuits and playsuits, they can be dressed up or down and can even work in the office.

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Everything I’ve Learnt About Friendships

I’m a 21 year old female…I have an amazing boyfriend and an amazing family. I also have some good friends, but I don’t have a best friend (other than Sam) that I can always go to for advice, to rant to just to hang out with.


Take Your Farleigh Jeans From Day To Night

Skinny jeans were my thing for many years and while I did add a pair of ‘mom’ jeans into my wardrobe a few months ago that phase soon passed and I was back to the good old skinnies. That was until I saw the rise of the ASOS Farleigh Jean


I’m A Fashion Blogger That Hates Shopping

I’m 5 foot 2, F cup chest and thick thighs…all of that makes shopping very stressful, to the point sometimes I don’t even want to go shopping or I end up returning every single item I ordered. This, in turn, leaves me stressed that I’m not going to be able to create any fashion content for a long period of time


The Spring Essential: Checked Blazer

Layers, layers, layers. While it is apparently springtime…layers are still very much a necessity. As soon as the sun disappears behind a cloud it’s freezing cold and feels like November all over again. Talking of November I think it’s when I first saw checked blazers make an appearance.


Back To Rowing, Blogging More & Other Goals For Spring

April has arrived and hopefully is going to bring some warmer weather with its arrival. I can’t be the only one that’s bored and fed up with the cold. Wearing cosy clothes and chunky knits just doesn’t seem right now we’re in April…especially since Easter has passed.


Weight Gain And Remaining Confident

Body confidence is something we all have to learn, weight gain happens whether it’s intentional or a snackicdent but I think how you approach a weight gain can really speak to a persons’ character. While I initially freaked out, I’ve now come to terms with it and probably feel the most confidence I have in a while.